By Nathan Ronoh

Want an easier way to get money? Ever lost your cash to an officer, guess it’s now payback time…just impersonate (common word among the force). With police being one of the easiest way to make money from it, most attention has now shifted to it. First it was corruption though I don’t sincerely support it, it’s what theysurvive on and considering the salary the government gives them, the ‘kitu kidogo’ keeps them going. Far from this, it looks like we also found a new way to get the cash out of police or from playing a role of ‘a police’ or so to say relating yourself to one.
With many other ‘police officers’ out there, at least we have a chance to brag about a few we know about. 

Joshua Waiganjo has been one of the common name among the lips of many this January. Until discovery, he was the ‘deputy PPO for Rift Valley province up from a police reservist in West Pokot. 

One thing we know is that for all those years he had a payslip and adding with others from ‘kitu kidogo’ he not only got cash from the police service but also from poor Kenyans. At least with a tribunal now out to investigate the matter we have a ray of hope of seeing the whole thing uncovered; who paid him, who promoted him, who gave the uniform he wore and how many officers he sacked. A few other samples on this are Jackson Siro who formed facebook account impersonating the new Inspector General. As if this was not enough, a teenage student at Syumbe Secondary School tried to extort money from former MPs Charles Nyamai, David Musila and Isaac Mwiki all from Kitui backyard.

Our Kenyan officers have normally been identified with many negative defaults but this one raises a lot of questions about the safety of a Kenyan civilian. We always feel safer closer to a police man but I guess it’s starting to go the other way round now. Many counts of insecurity prove this fact and may be the many problems within the force could explain this. 
Could this’ Waiganjo’ thing explain why 42 police officers died in Baragoi while tracking down cattle rustlers. So this makes me ask myself that if an armed police man can be shot down, what about an innocent Kenyan like me? Apart from Al Shabaab attacks this has never happened that we lost all the officers in a field because if we surely try to make a comparrisson among this guys(rustlers) with the police, we cant afford to do it. In terms of arms ,police have better. When it comes to skills, the same police went for a training for more than seven months. So who’s to blame for this? We just have to bring ourselves to the problems on the ground.
Towards the end of last year and a part of this January, we saw our innocent Kenyans in Tana River still losing lives due to attacks even after over 1400 GSU officers deployed in the area. What does this say about the security of the country? Guess you will have a good answer for that. The rot among our police force explains a lot about the security state in any given area. Guess we only need time to uncover all this but as every Kenyan would say, this is KKENYA and government is government.

And taking an eye to the political field, one of the things am waiting to hear from any candidates mouth on February 11th is how the level of security in each one government will be dealt with. When I say February 11th all I’m thinking about is the first ever presidential debate. I’m waiting to see how each of this future presidents will express themselves and you know being the first I’m hoping to see something better .After all its March 4th that’s going to be the decider….


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