BY Joshwa Victor Anangwe

The overwhelming number of the Catholic Christians of Moi University general fraternity led to the mass service being held outside the church building that commonly accommodates an approximation of a thousand plus people. The high number of Christians that were consolidated in one mass service as dictated by the church calendar saw a mass of humanity fill the church compound few minutes before 10.00 am on Sunday in preparation for the Muvuno day.

The big congregation that brought together all the umbrella affiliated groups under St Michaels Chaplaincy could definitely not fit in the church building. The Christians stared sympathetically to their often used chapel as majority felt like wallowing in a space of freedom worship as they kept on shifting the sitting positions….ground… bench…shade…sun…stand…sit.
The summon was wonderful, Fr. Njoro perfected it though the topic was crushing, when you talk about money, human beings always tend to not advice themselves with the topic. Yes, Fr. Njoroge reminded the Christians about the meaning of “Fungu la Kumi” in relation to the blessings one gets from our dad “Jehova”.

It was a happy moment when the priest presented to the audience a newlywed couple that took the vows on Saturday 26th. The couple were about seventy years of age but understood the meaning and the joy that comes with wedding and walking down the aisle. It was a happy old new wedded couple.
However, the church compound gates were closed to lock people in so as to avoid commotions and early leaving of the service.

Having the mass service held in the church compound gave a number of people an opportunity to start prioritising their own timetable to leave the church early due to the elongated service and speeches. The gates were hence closed to keep Christians at mass and to get rid of the common early leavers. 

The behaviour of leaving the mass service earlier before it ends has always generated heats with the priests in service on some Sundays. This happens mostly when the students are always approaching their CATs and the Examination periods.

The move almost provoked the presiding priest to unleash ambiguous wording domains to provoke the ever increasing the behaving of leaving the church early. The priest condemned those who disobeyed the church program in pursue of their own businesses sited Sunday as a special day for praising and worshiping God. He encouraged the congregation to often give 10% of their wealth and to stop cheating God as it was well outlined in the day’s readings.


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