You Have Yourself to Blame

 By Victor Odongo

If things go bad for you

And make you a bit ashamed

Often you will find out that


Swiftly we run to mischief

And the bad luck came

Why do we fault others?

We have ourselves to blame


Whatever happens to us,

Here are the words we say

“Had it not been so-and-so

Things wouldn’t have gone this way”


And if you are short of friends,

I tell you what to do

Make an examination

You’ll find the fault in you…


You are the captain of your ship

So agree with some

If you travel downwards,

You have yourself to blame





After conquering sleep with a triumphant yawn, I wake up and head to the shower before I wear my suit to work. When you see me out there you know I’m always smart. I wipe myself dry before I open my closet and lay the suit on my spread bed.

I put on the vest of hatred; no it doesn’t shield me from the cold but from love. I hate my brother , my sister, my workmates, my former high school desk mate and even my neighbour’s cat.  And I distribute hate in plenty. I hate it because it makes me feel better about myself.  I put on the boxers of lust , my restless loins will not let me rest until I satisfy my sexual desires, I wring my neck lustfully anywhere I see a lady walking past me with a favourable frame and facial beauty. I used to have an anaemic social life before I joined politics but now it’s vibrant since I’m in the spotlight, allowing me to meet and greet a lot so those one night stands are common especially with those female news reporters after press conferences. What can I say about my lust? I’m simply human.

The trouser of pretence, yes, I’m a pretender. You don’t get what you see, with the trousers I can hide my true character. The pockets allow me to hide my bad habits and sick character when I face the public, you will think I’m an angel. I want to persuade you to vote me, to support me and anyway no one can see what’s in my pockets.  The shoes of theft lead to where I can steal. The shoes fit me perfectly so I steal and con with much success. I steal big and small, wide and narrow, I have no specifics, where there is shining gold and it’s not mine, I’ll be there to steal it. I justify theft by calling it ‘borrowing without permission’.  My socks of corruption complement the shoes of theft. When I take off my shoes, the stench of corruption  stinks to high heaven. The bad smell drives people away. I cannot sit comfortably with my shoes off because where people are I am exposed. People cover their noses disgustingly, but do I care? No, not at all, I call it ambition. I will corrupt my way into getting what and to where I want.

The shirt of rebellion covers my upper body. I have rebelled against everyone. I hear nothing anyone has to say. My ears are cottoned. I don’t see any other person’s perspective. My eyes are blinded.  I know better than everyone. My mind is fixed. My rebellion gives me a sense of false might, I feel powerful. I prefer to call it, swimming against the current. This is where the necktie of pride comes in. I have asked myself why the tie is worn around the neck. My pride will eventually strangle and kill me; it is around the neck anyway. A tie can make or break a suit. A necktie stands out just like my pride. My pride makes me look down on others as I elevate myself. I mask my pride terming it as confidence.

The coat of ignorance is what I wear next. I have a tendency to ignore the right way to pursue the wrong. I ignore the consequences of my wrongdoing even if it hurts others. I ignore those who really love and care about me, from my family to my voters. My ignorance comes in the form of words and action. Finally, the belt of deception holds my trouser tight and brings a certain shine to my suit. I lie myself in and out of trouble. I lie and it hurts those close to me. I lie with or without a cause. I lie without rhyme or reason. I cause a lot of damage with my lies, they cause violence, pain, suffering and destruction. But more disastrously, I lie to myself. The self-deception makes me think I have the sharpest suit in town.

The pride, pretence, theft, corruption, ignorance, lust and deception are the character traits that make me a politician and a human being by a resounding extension. I looked at my suit in the mirror this morning and I was smart, as always, but it’s just because of lying to myself. The reality is that it makes me as ugly as sin or in this case as ugly as a politician.



Digging Back in their Political Farm

By Joshwa Victor Anangwe

The political temperatures are rising each and second that passes as the nation gears towards the elections in March 4th. This seems to be the most revolutionised system of politicking in the history of the Kenyan politics. Being the first elections ever since the promulgation of the new constitution all politicians are finding it difficult to walk the race.

The process through which they have to undergo in order to clear way to the ballot box through respective political parties is proving headache to some. Some could not withstand the waters hence sort for a better way of reaching the ballot box: defection.

However, focusing on the six remaining presidential candidates after some surrendered on the way, we find that we only have the dirty linen. We only have to sieve and check out among them who is a little bit less soiled to lead this nation.

All the presidential candidates seem to be all dirty. None should proclaim himself or herself clean. Some have concentrate on abusing their opponents of their past. They all have a dirty history at one point. They should rather concentrate on selling their policies and how they can make Kenya a better nation. Let’s Browse their worthiness now.

Raila Amolo Odinga

This is one man who has a rich history in the Kenyan political arena. Raila predominantly referred to as RAO in the political scene is one man who has walked long miles to try and fulfil what his father could not: to become the president of Kenya. He first made his attempt to be the CEO of this nation in 1997 general elections that saw him come third after Moi and Kibaki respectively. Henceforth, his dream for presidency has never faded away. He made it again to the ballot box in 2007 and now age being a factor in his life, he seems rooted for his final attempt to be the CEO of Kenya come the March 4th elections.

Raila’s campaign slogan has remained a self-branded reformer. This seems to attract a good multitude of those who share a common ideology with him. But some still feel he is not the best to bring reforms or change in Kenya.

Raila is viewed by some of his critics as an entertainer who uses his tricks to please the crowd and back him. His credentials for the top seat is tainted and questionable by the integrity bill. He is believed to have acquired Spectre International (Mollasses Plant in Kisumu) illegally after the residents contributed money to have the company run as a public property. He has also been laid blame upon for watching and hiding the secrets about the maize scandal issue as the supervisor of all ministries.

The controversial issue about the Kazi kwa vijana project also linger around him because it was directly under his office. Apart from being accused of surrounding himself with high-handed and corrupt individuals, he is also being accused of an attempted coup in 1982 a scandal that has never been embraced by any state on the planet.

Musalia Mudavadi

This is one guy whom luck has always favoured and that luck has been his weapon of ascending to the most coveted office jobs in the country. He first joined politics upon his fathers death to replace him as the area member of parliament. He has remained the area MP until the 2002 general elections that saw him thrown out upon declaring his support for Uhuru for presidency and himself as the Vice President.

He became the Deputy Prime Minister upon his handwork in the ODM party and as a co-ally of Raila in the 2007 general elections.

He has henceforth declared his interest to become the fourth president of Kenya as his first attempt for the top job basing his long life in politics as an MP, Vice President and Deputy Prime Minister as his experience.

However, looking at his past, Mudavadi has been painted as the statehouse project ever since he declared his interest in presidency. He has been adversely mentioned in the Goldenberg scandal where it is believed that Kenyans lost billions of shillings.

Mudavadi has also been accused of illegal sale of city council cemetery land as he was the Minister for local Government. The scandal is said to have taken place under his watch.

Uhuru Kenyatta

The son of the founding father Jommo Kenyatta first prominently featured in the Kenyan political arena in 2002 when president Moi picked him to be his successor. This is one move that saw the nation vigorously oppose the move terming it as an attempt of converting the nation into a hereditary property.

It is from that time that Uhuru decided henceforth to be a player of his own game. Being young at age, he resolved to back Kibaki for his second term in 2007 a move that saw him given first priority for state jobs such as the finance minister and the Deputy Prime Minister in the coalition government. It is henceforth that he declared to succeed president Kibaki as the next president of Kenya.

Nevertheless, Uhuru is being accused of crimes against Humanity charges In the International Criminal Court (ICC). He is also predominantly accused of conning Kenyans 9 billion shillings through error budgetary figures that he presented as the Finance Minister.

Believed to be a binge drinker and use of hard drugs, accusations mostly used by the social media, he is also believed to have been involved in the Maize scandal since he was in the Finance Ministry which was a signatory to the SGR quota allocation (2009).


Peter Kenneth

He is one aspirant whom many look at as a representative of the sheep without blemish and one who understands what “maendeleo” for a society is all about. He first joined politics as the Gatanga Member of Parliament in 2007 and has remained the most developing MP in the tenth parliament.

Peter Kenneth, whom the opinion polls have rated ever among the least, joined the race for statehouse with an aim of changing the nation into a developed country.

However, he has remained to be accused of being one selfish person who doesn’t embrace teamwork as a tool of leadership for this nation. He has remained a lone ranger all along his political campaigns: a strategy that has remained to be embraced by a few.

He is also believed to have run down Kenya Re-Insurance while serving as the Director.

Martha Karua

This is the only aspirant who has decided to be a representative of the women in the quest for the top job in the country. Karua prominently came to the political limelight when she strongly stood on the ground to defend president Kibaki in the controversial general elections of 2007. She thereafter fell apart with the Kibaki’s squard when Uhuru was picked as the Deputy Prime Minister, a position she earnestly yearned for and expected upon the formation of the grand coalition.

She resigned from her ministry and declared her interest for the presidency. She has also remained a fighter for corruption in the tenths parliament. This has remained her slogan a reason she hopes Kenyans will elect her: to wipe out corruption in the government.

However, her historical past is tainted through the media published reports of having an affair with religious father raising controversy and mentioned in the media.

Karua is aslo said to have once had a case of molestation of her housework. The Iron lady is also believed to be too arrogant.

Prof James Ole Kiyapi 

Having served as the Permanent secretary in the ministry of Education, he was among the first civil servants to lead the way in resigning to join politics in his quest for presidency. Kiyapi has also embraced a lone ranger type of campaign strategy a move that most Kenyans do not love to be identified with.

Kiyapi came to the political limelight late as the PS, therefore he might not be commanding ambiguous scandals that might wither his integrity test. However, Kenyans can’t forget the 4.2 billion shillings that got lost in his ministry under his watch with the then minister Sam Ongeri.

The ball therefore lies in the hands of the voter to take the integrity measure upon the aspirants and to think of who can make Kenya a better nation among the aspiring CEOs.

However, some of the claimed scandals might have been cleared or dropped, but digging back in their political farm, those are the common weeds that can be identified in the history of these presidential aspirants.