Mabatini- A Haven of Beauty Trends ~ by Nick NYAMAI


Every market has a different name but the activities that take place inside are always the same. Welcome to Mabatini – a haven of beauty trends that delineates Moi University’s divas, dudes and their fashion trends. If you are a fresha then you need to make a visit to our unique ‘village market’, a home to the most peculiar habits that stands out alone, never to be beaten by friends or foes alike.

Mabatini Saturdays is a busy colonnade. Second hand clads, vegetables, Fish, Fruits, Shoes, name it, are sold at an accommodative price depending on your bargaining prowess. It’s only in Mabz that you can still choose to idle around, fit in the second hand clothes and still get away with an excuse that the colours almost represent Ruto’s URP colours. The yellow colour that defines my origin, the colour of a bright future that won’t fade any soon, yellow- the definition of beauty in U.K (Ukambani)

In this market, mad men are welcomed and they offer much entertainment to the onlookers, the most sober individuals are mistrusted to be having some malicious intentions. In this market, you need to be a mchizi ki-design, gestures are exchanged and the most daring dudes in this great University overlook the idea of getting a first year babe. They go for that villager, she is not only naïve but she has mastered the art of loving a campus dude without measure and unconditionally, she will not only blush but she won’t dare look at you straight to your eyes. She does not have much time to explain how she feels when you call her honey and she will bow down to your judgement without arguments. She believes that simplicity is divine and she won’t turn down your idea of buying her a cup of coffee in the Mabati hotels. She will take you to her mother; feeling delighted to get a campus dude and with no doubt you will walk back to campus with at least half bag of maize, and some Mursik in a container.

In Mabz, no one is above the other, there are no laws set to be broken or adhered to, and there is no class or showbiz. Everyone appreciates his level of simplicity, after all life is an acceptance of reality. You don’t need to go shop in town, you better save that fare and get yourself a nice fitting Shirt or for your stomachs’ sake, buy some Omena(now known as alumnus of Kondele market) that will last a whole week.

Mabatini Saturdays presents comrades with a mixed sense of rural and city life. You can only choose to fit wherever your heart desires. There’s no Dad or Mum to see the length of that Skirt your inner self is seducing you to try fit inside, it’s the seller that uses the seductive language, to ensure you buy that nice Mini skirt and save the long Skirts for long holidays at home.

How i wish that one day the Administration will think of coming up with a master plan of upgrading the market  to Mabatini City, by this, we will also have  joined the league of competence with Kenyatta University and their vision of KU City.

The Writer is Curently a forth year (LMC)


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