First Class Not for All – By Diana RASUGU

JUST as it was everyone’s wish to get 400 marks and above in KCPE and alter an A in KCSE, it is still everyone’s wish to get a First Class in campus. This is everyone’s desire when joining the university but as time goes by; they lose their dream and settle for anything else. Some of the reasons responsible for this are mentioned below.

             The most common reason is the misleading information they get from the continuing students. As a first year reports to campus he or she promises their parents to go back home with a first class; this is not hard at that time because they were probably among the best in high school and hence they bear great confidence. Remember everyone is a first class material on day one but this depreciates as time goes by.

Everything changes as soon as they interact with the continuing students. They will be told how lecturers never mark cats nor exams; how mwaks is the only way of passing difficult courses like an ‘IRD 100’ among many other false myths. With this in mind, the first year student will not see the need of serious studying and hence follow the ‘crowd’.

Another core reason why people will lose the cherished first class is through peer influence. When surrounded by people who are enemies with Margaret Thatcher Library, he or she is bound to loathe her too. This is so clear in this campus; you will see a scholar from the countryside, who came to Moi by the help of a harambee (fundraising) wasting his or her life at the drinking dens in the company of a minister’s son for instance. Having fun once in a while is not bad but making a habit of it is suicide.

Blame it on my Christian faith but I think the mwaks thing also contributes to poor performance in an examination. Whichever way one looks at it, they cause more harm than help. For instance one banks on mwaks and does not pay enough attention to the studies. He or she wastes a whole night scribbling on that tiny piece of paper instead of reading and understanding the lecturer’s notes. Surely, how does a person expect God’s help when they have entrusted their faith in that forbidden piece of paper?

Who said that a degree is a degree whether a First Class or a Pass? Yeah, that is what most believe; that as long as one evades the dreaded ‘SUP’ they are safe. I once overheard a person ask another “unasoma sana kwani unataka kwenda Starehe ama Alliance?”

The issue of disliking a lecturer or a course should have been left back in primary. It is so saddening though, that it will lead to the downfall of many comrades at the university today. Students choose to hate a particular lecturer, fail to attend classes and prepare for a ‘SUP’ in the exam. This is an unwise thinking among the few lazy students.

Of course in life there are those who will perform well and those who will perform poorly. It would be nice that whichever category one falls into, it is one in which he or she is destined to and not because they made the wrong decisions or hanged out with the wrong companies.

(The writer is a 2nd Year BSc. Sociology – SAAS)



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