The Degree of Campus Love – BY MBUGUA DANIEL

There exists a thin difference between love and friendship. It is evident that most of us including myself are caught in between unawares. In a situation that tires your brain, body and heart; leaves one unfeeling. It feels so good to have someone you call ‘my love’. Does true love really exist in campus relationships?

True love in this context demands a lot and it is true that most of us do not deliver as expected. It is hard to avoid it, some comrades will say that. We are social beings and in a way I support that claim. But lets us look it in a more specific way. How did it start? How is the going? Are you comfortable in that relationship? What makes you feel you want to stay or break? If every comrade was to answer that question, we would produce large volumes of documents enough to fill 2nd floor shelves in MTL library!

Must you be in a relationship? Being in a relationship is a choice that means we are not forced to be. In other words, it is an open aspect and depending on what you want and how you want to live your life in campus can motivate you to be or remain single. Certainly, we have our reasons to be in a ‘love’ life or not. And what is this love in our context? We can explain that with what it is not: you love to get that prestigious life (he pay for drinks, bus fare and take you out on weekends and or social supremacy), you love to satisfy your ‘craving’ (mostly dudes), you love because you had a crash with someone, you love because he is handsome or she is so beautiful to let go!

A higher mind in this campus has said that relationship-gone-sour cases have increased as from last academic year and it is disturbing. Ladies are impregnated and the men, who are responsible for that, are having fun with other ladies who are not pregnant disowning the expectant ones. This is very distressing in that as a lady you cannot just watch him walk around campus having fun and to make matters worse, he denies you in broad day light. The same case to men, they are left empty, hopeless and feel used.

We cannot wholly conclude that love and relationships have a bitter ending. We can sight example of few couples who have made it and are living happily-there-after. It must also come to our notice that to maintain a relationship is quite a task. When little problems arise between you, it is wise to solve them immediately and evade from reaching the administrators because that is unnecessary. But if it has a life-size magnitude, well, you must let them know your case and help you out.

In all circumstances, avoid unprotected sex. Always use a condom. If it is a must you do it, ladies, confirm that he has a condom. Gentlemen, do not be persuaded to have it unprotected. It does not matter whether it is her birthday, your anniversary or she just got 29 out of 30 in a CAT! Three things remain constant: pregnancy, STI and AIDS.

Take charge of your life. And be warned, relationship-gone-sour cases are treated with at most seriousness! The constitution is in actual fact very tough on us: men. If possible, avoid awakening unripe love until it ripens and what is more, you are ready for it.

The writer is a 2nd year, LMC Student School of Arts & Social Sciences


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