More Than A Gold-digger – BY MARIKIO MUCHIRI

Huyu dame si dame wee nimependwa na jini mwenzenu aaah! Sudi boy and Rojo mo were so on point when they sang of having fallen in love with a vampire. City life came; excitement filled him, and beautiful gorgeous pretty glamorous elegant sexy ladies at his disposal. Teejay was lucky to ‘kwachua’ a brown short one to be precise. He had goals and visions to achieve in the city but that became a forgotten past to him. “I have been in campus for the last four years, what else is there for me to achieve?” he could always be heard asking.

Our childhood friendship was wrapped up neatly and carefully placed in the compost pit. All he thought of was sex and who to have it with. He became more than a spoilt brat; spending extravagantly on any chic who grinned at him as long as he could get the benefits afterwards. The cheeky chics took my position as a friend.

Back to the brown short one, a real entrepreneur she was. She noted his weakness and decided to make the best use of it. Emptying every single cent from my spoilt guy’s pocket. She completely tied him down and he could always sing according to her rhythm. She served him in the best way as long as the wallet was properly loaded for her. Kumbe she was the ‘p.o.k.o wa mtaani’. Moving from street to street, providing her goodies to any willing buyer. I once again warned my good guy but he was too deaf to give me his ears.

Days passed and the two crazy lovebirds went on with their blind love. They seemed to enjoy their give and take way of life. Soon, my good guy developed a soar on the lip which he was so quick to proudly ignore as a love bite. More and more came up and he decided to take my advice and went for testing. The result came as a shock to him. He was HIV positive.

Confusion engulfed him. Perplexity overwhelmed him. Shame overcame him. Life suddenly came to a standstill.  Suicide became the better and appropriate option. On Wednesday morning I got this startling text. “My dear pal, my morning is awesome but I am on my way to heaven or hell”. For a minute I stood stationary unable to contemplate on my next move. Out of my room I dashed off.

Thanks to the beloved bodaboda riders I managed to get to my friend’s room as he took his last breath. A green rope tied to his slim neck. His final words have been and will always be my guiding light; life is long enough for you to achieve all your goals, you have so much untapped potential and there is no need of taking it to the grave, life has been unfair to me and I won’t survive its hostility. Please achieve the goals that I never did…” unfortunately he was not strong enough to hold on, he went silent and cold, dead and dead forever.

I will not shed any more tears for you. But I always ask numerous questions, why did you have to leave me so soon?  What about the many dreams we had as small kids? The huge bungalows we promised to build? The doctorate you planned to get? Why…why…why did you have to leave me?…

To Be continued

The writer is a 2nd year, LMC Student

School of Arts & Social Sciences


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