Five Categories of Campus Life – BY OYONGE OYONGE

You’ll understand that we are actually one people only that we have different ways of expressing ourselves. These phenomena led to my discovery that campus students are of five different categories. We as the media people, our work are to dig deep into social parameters, uproot and bring to limelight the hidden aspects. Here are the five categories of comrades.

The Okoa Jahazi/ Uwezo Tariff Students

As the name Okoa Jahazi suggests, these are students who out of their ‘Uwezo’ will always be willing to lend helping hand to their fellows. However, in their mind, lies a long list of benefits. The intended benefits can either be material or sexual. They are fast to invite their first-time friends for meals, ready to assist the lazy flocks with class work, they seem to know it all and are usually good in perfecting the act of good character. They however, play an important role in assisting they who haven’t adjusted to campus life. They always occupy about ¾ of your call logs (Missed & Received calls.)

Ongea Tariff/Free call Students

‘Ongea’, they speak of anything, anywhere, anyhow and to anybody. Remember the free calls? People speak of anything that comes to their mind. They are always the loudest debes who shout as though addressing a public rally of ‘common wananchi’. The words they speak are seldom important, as they usually target amusements and have no principle s and sense to direction to govern their lives. Rarely do they mind about their conducts and funny enough, they are good and fast at recruiting the so called ‘Mafans’.

The please call me Students.

Other than frequenting your inbox with ‘please call me’ messages, they are always fast to ask you for whatever they think is best for them. They are the likes of; si unisambazie, nakamia sapa, HELB yako imekam? To them the weather never changes; they fail to differentiate between hard and soft economic times. More too that, they are best at popping in at mealtimes, uninvited of course! On the contrary, they understand themselves better and know when to say yes or no. Rarely are they bodily misused as compared to ‘free call’ students furthermore they are materialistic and always jump from a relationship to another depending on the benefits.

The Toubabs

Toubabs is a Senegalese word meaning Westerners. These are the likes who when they join campus from village, quickly undergo Pauline conversion and adapt to the western way of life in campus. For ladies, they wear tiny dresses, pedal whatever, and too much makeup and very soon they may yet introduce the ‘Behind cure’ and ‘front cure’. They frequent the Academic Highway only to show off. For men, it seems worse, falling trousers, caps facing northwest or even south-south west and big welding goggles. Their lifestyle has branded them high-class even when they are far from the middle/average class.

Village Hoi polloi

Really, you can take someone away from the village, but you cannot take away the village from them. These comrades socialise amongst themselves and feel inferior in company of other groups. Funny enough, they cover their nakedness, they don’t dress! They never eat at the mess, arguing that their food is too little for their stomachs, they cook.

Find your category. You can graduate from a category to another depending on how you start approaching life issues.

The Writer is 1st Year, Eng/Lit. School of Education


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