If you do not like something change it. Change the way you think about it. We cannot have change without change. I can see, I can see it, I can see it coming not in the far future. This is my call – change – to the forthcoming SGC and the comrades who will bestow them the power to serve in those offices. It is just about three months since we voted the 26th SGC and a lot of questions and concerns have been raised by comrades. Other comrades have gone to the extent of presupposing the providence of the current SGC which should not be the case.

Foremost, to the comrades who cast votes, it’s my greatest desire that you carry this democratic right with a lot of caution while maintaining high integrity. Secondly, to those comrades who fail to vote remember that the ‘Bad’ leaders are sent to power by the ‘good’ people who fail to vote.  What’s more, the other comrades who are always in complain of poor leadership remember the vote is the most powerful instrument ever devised by man for breaking down injustice and the terrible walls which imprison the common man – comrades. Another thing comrades need to know, let us vote for what one is going to do and not individuality as had been witnessed before. Let us not vote one because of his oratory skills! Always vote for principles and those showing potential of good leadership so that we may cherish the sweetest reflections that our votes are never lost.

To those who are aspiring to be in the next SGC, it is time you start sharpening your skills and put right your principles of good leadership, character and integrity. A have a good difficult task before you to win our votes. It high time that you begin to think catchy campaign slogans unlike those we are used to “vote for me” on a poster and hang it above the drinking fountains and wash rooms for it won’t work out for you next time we vote. Be prepared to respond to the following questions in your manifestos.

  • Why did you choose to run?
  • What would you do differently if you are elected?
  • How will you make a good chairman, Secretary General (or any other post) if elected?

My advice to you, don’t risk coming with unrealistic promises such as;


“if you vote me the director of academics, I will reduce homework and ensure all Fridays’ classes are eliminated so that your weekends starts on Thursday evenings.”


Thumbs up for the achievements by the current SGC in the sector of accommodation for at least there is hopes of new rooms next semester since the completion of wing B of hostel M. What is more; the MUSO cybercafé is up and operating.


The writer is a 2nd year, LMC

School of Arts and Social Sciences



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