Really, what do you think of yourself, when you do think of yourself, if you do think of yourself?

Actually, it would be impossible to continue living in this world if each of us knew exactly what fate had in store for us. So God in his mercy hides the future from all his creatures, and reveals only the present. He hides from animals what men know and hides from men what angels know. For example, if a lamb had reason like a man, it could not gambol; happily knowing it was destined to be killed for human food. So being ignorant of its fate, it is happy to the last minute of its life, contentedly grazing in flowery meadow, and in moreover in its ignorance, licks the lamb of the butcher who is about to slaughter it. What a blessing it is that we have ignorance of the future! God, to whom the death of a sparrow is of equal importance as the death of a hero, has in his mercy limited our knowledge.

Truly, you’ll admit with me that behind the faces of beautiful ladies and handsome gentlemen is a deep sea of ignorance and unpredicted ways. Almost every ‘walking creature’ does not know what he/she is after, when he/she wants it and why he/she wants it. Ignorance, unpredicted ways, diverse negative minds among others are the main reason why the majority of we, jump into relationships, one after the other, that we suffer from amnesia and change spouses like we do to our shirts and dresses.

And if really ignorance is the trend with campus life, how else can we say that university is an institution that moulds youth into civilised and responsible people of the future? You see, civilization is not about lifestyle only, when you are ignorant then obviously you have fell sort the glory of civilisation.

By far, if we have to combat ignorance among other deadly vices in our institution, then for once we must understand and know our purpose. We must avoid leading a life where virtue is re-arming ourselves. We must avoid leading a life where virtue is vice and vice is virtue, as it is with many societies. A society or rather institutions where village boys and girls of yester-days  assume they have undergone a Pauline conversion because they have joined the cave of lions and lioness and are now struggling to roar like the kings of the jungle, even when they are far from breaking their voices. Let’s be ourselves and stop making a photocopy of others. It’s only through this that your ignorance will never be realised.


The writer is a first year, Eng/Lit

School of education.



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