To them who seek the  truth, no other object is higher in value .I have been at the peak of HELB politics and from this vantage point I have witnessed events unfold in my beloved ‘ main campus’. We should never be ashamed to approve or acquire truth, no matter what its source might be, even from characters far removed from us.

Truth be told, the MUSO chairman, should set his principles straight. Comrades are tired and will take no more of his wavering decisions. As much no permanent foes are made in politics, the ultimate get-together of Doghana and Dikembe has a lot to question. Unity stands at the pivotal point of leadership but the self-tagged Mr. President has joined hands with a team of self- proclaimed activists headed to Nairobi for a petitioning picnic.

Reality has dawned on me that at the end of rat race, all rats remain rats. Doghana wore a robe of pretence; he presented himself as a blemishes lamb of sacrifice, just to transform into the fiercest of the selfish wolves. ‘Mr. President’ should forget not the character is like a tombstone, it will be read even after the dirges and forget-me-not hymns have withered.

The team headed to Nairobi took little note of vital virtues. I wonder how such a big gender and ethnic imbalance would appear amidst top democrats. Comprising of ten students, five from the SGC and the other half sharing a common ethnic identity with the chief sailors of this capsizing ship!

I am not becoming petty and nagging, reliable sources affirm that the vice chancellor is currently in Nairobi, advocating for the loan. Breaking news has it that, the VC passed a message last evening to confirm the government had given funds to the high Education Loans board and disbursement process was ongoing. My concern is why should a group of ‘representatives’ still head to Nairobi, a counter flow of HELB ?

If this is some kind of an attempt to establish a political platform and mileage, comrades be ware Ksh. 120,000 has been spend for a petitioning picnic. All members of this wagon have proved themselves as defenders of impunity and malnourished of dignity. Even after getting cork assured beyond doubt that the VC had expressed our concern, our petitioners stood their ground to honor falsehood and achieve their egocentric desires in a futile trip.

Truth is told and trust is lost. A polite and humble appeal to comrades, as much as personalities are prone to change, ideologies and objectivity should forever reign.

The writer is 2nd year, School of Education.



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