This is to inform you that am so much frustrated in you as my financial aid organization. You have let me down when I needed you most and even those I chose to represent me have failed me. I mandated them to come to you and negotiate this matter on my behalf but they kindly refused. They assumed that if they are financially stable, thanks to the shops they own, everyone is so. They stink treason and I don’t know what to do with them. I think they only fit to be in a political dust bin.

As am writing this letter I only have fifty two shillings thanks to mama mboga poor mathematics skills she gave me an over change of ten shillings otherwise it should be forty two shillings. I know by now you are laughing at this but the bottom line is that I am terribly broke. To highlight some of my plights as a broke student you may end up commiserated.

To begin with, on Friday we had kadunda and guess who was in the house?  Nameless! Of all people nameless! I missed such an electrifying bash because of my financial state. I know it is sad but I am not yet through, last Friday, our mighty band organized an event that only comes once a year– All hits night. I missed it too! The reason being –I am broke. My friend Tony Irungu is organizing yet another thrilling play in LT2 and all he needs from me is 30 bob because I don’t need to tell you I am single now that my girlfriend ditched me in what she termed as  washing a pig  that is rolling with a broke guy. I think it is also important to inform you that I have not attended a single class since I reported since I don’t have books to write on. This is linked to another problem that I have not registered for my courses and the course registrar has refused to register me because I have not beat the deadline. Hope my mother does not hear this…

I almost forgot to inform you that I am eating as a chicken back in my room. I can’t exactly remember the last time I took a slice of bread for breakfast. My small Colgate I bought for 19 shillings at Reliance supermarket got finished this morning.  Last night I gate crushed at my friend Tommy’s supper. He gave a bad stare but I just pretended  not to have seen that after all what I needed was  something to put in my mouth  because I had not eaten for two days. My friends in chamberz are also complaining they have not seen me for days now and I normally pretend to have changed.  Thomson came to me and secretly analyzed the situation now they are ridiculing me in all their meetings in frustration square anytime they meet discussing how they are having a bad hangover.

All this problems accumulated, I am now seriously thinking of doing it the political way: “naomba serikali iingilie kati; maisha yangu yako hatarini” I don’t need to remind you that I am a JAB student and that the government has invested a lot in me. It needs me more than anybody does, leave alone my parents. Am sure if Baba jimmy hears this, it will just takes a few seconds to close this organization down. I am not threatening you but I just want to let you have a glimpse of the reality. You ought to do something and not any time but now or else you will lose it all. For more information, you have my number. I am looking forward to visit my account soon, bye!

Yours in distress,

Moi University student.

The writer is a 2nd year, LMC

School of Arts & Social Sciences.


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