Sometimes when you are depressed, humiliated and exhausted, you need to relieve yourself. You need the safest place to retire to; to free yourself from chains of problems, endless work and the wild cold that cuts through your bones relentlessly. This lone and ultimately essential place is love. It is a sanctuary for those suffering from diseases, hunger, rejection and prejudice. It is important as life is to the rich, poor, children and adults. Generally, it is a contingent of life.

Love provides a forum for their subscribers to share their views. Through this, you are able to freely discuss issues affecting you, be it professional or in life as a whole. You can open your heart to him or her and explain your problems, baggage and plans. Consequently, problems are solved, you are relieved and living proves less suffocating.

Pleasure and enjoyment are born in love. These results from the little jokes you make, outings and plays. Also, the satisfaction and feeling you get while walking, sitting and generally spending time with your loved one is more thrilling, more touching and more likeable. It incites your spirit and passion to live again tomorrow!

Furthermore, being and feeling loved ignites a flame of hope in you. It distances you from your fears, problems and the unpalatable tastes of the world. As Euripides (480-406BC) once put it, “Love is all we have; the only way that each can help the other.”This confirms that love empowers one, strengthens one and gives one a future.

However, there arise instances when the above fruits are not harvested at all. Instead; love becomes a burden, love becomes costly and love opens way for your untimely downfall. Reason? Simple. The relationship may fail to hold water. This results from the different perceptions the two of you hold and the object that bound you together. Be it love or lust, money or trust.

According to my insight, love- true love is built on three main pillars: trust, honesty and respect. They cost nothing tangible but are sometimes difficult to be achieved. It (love) only demands dedication, protection and ‘hard work’. These will render it firm; to withstand the strength of waves, to outdo hatred and challenges and to live to your expectations.

In contrast, if love is built on money or the concrete reason for your engagement is nothing less than earthly possessions, then you are doomed!  It is not love. But something else. In no time. Out of the blues. Money and wealth will fade away and….. Off, love will be gone! Consequently, here is when: disasters strike, hearts break, salient lives are lost.

In conclusion therefore, loving and being loved is good. It is awesome. It spices life and gives hope to you. It is a spring of solace to the oppressed. This is achieved only if is love genuine and true.


The writer is a 2nd year, Eng & Lit

School of Education




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