I will use whatever position I have in order to root out hypocrisy. Democrats have strong moral values. Frankly, my moral values are offended by some things I see happen with our 26th SGC and we don’t have to put up with that.

The two principles have shown themselves indecisive. The two have betrayed the comrades by going against their ‘empty’ promises they made. This was evidenced in the meeting held in the administration block yesterday at 3 o’clock by the two Deputy Vice Chancellors and the two principles ‘Mr President’ and ‘main campus’ on the HELB issue which has become a tale around the campus. After the so called ‘Mr. President’ standing with comrades, he at last moments betrayed his ‘democrat’ virtues. After a committee of ‘petty petitioners’ was formed to go and petition at the HELB offices, it came out that Mr. Doghana who was opposed to it and proposed channelling of the proposed Ksh. 120,000 to religious clubs to help the needy comrades at the end, gave in to the demands of the so called ‘main campus’ and his group to travel to Nairobi for petitioning – a mission impossible, that is claiming to go and meet the Prime minister of the republic through a third party over the HELB issue.

Despite the fact that the two Deputy Vice Chancellors assurance to the two principles that the vice chancellor has settled the issue with government official and HELB offices and that the government has released the money to the High Education Loans Board, and the only thing remaining is disbursement which will be probably by next week, the two for personal interest pushed on to go to Nairobi to pocket the ksh.120, 000 to quench their thrust for money.

Dikembe who during his campaigns called himself ‘main campus’ with literal meaning of having comrades interests at heart – immediately after entering the office turned a betrayer to the comrades. He at first promised us to deliver a new constitution in the first month of his office service, which has remained a fairly tale. He promised to ensure the tendering transparency which i have always remained wondering if transparency is to own shops at the student centre and Soweto Chips Cafe. To add salt on a fresh wound, he boldly showed his personal differences with Mr. President in a meeting held in LT2 publicly before the comrades which is a clear indication of destined failure of the 26th SGC. How can the two antagonist work together for attainment of a common goal for the comrades? Otherwise ‘antagonism’ has obtained another meaning of ‘love for one another’, to allow the two antagonists to work together. To overcome our imagination; the two travelling together in one van to Nairobi…

I am sorry to tell them that comrades are sensitised and watch from a distance, seeing them fail. Woe unto them who will come from the trip to HELB offices and claim they have ‘petitioned’ for it.

The Writer is 2nd year, LMC

School of Arts & Social Sciences



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