Where Is The Line? – By CLIVE Geoffrey

In a common place manner, it is salient that those who coexist in the society learn to for a line separating one thing from another. For obvious reasons, there is need to give true identity to one thing. And, when this is done, that thing stands out. But the value of putting a line is not a necessarily to ensure that things stands out, rather it is concerned in making an earnest Endeavor to improve the little aspects of life.

There is some natured rhythm in life of an individual then there is some innate behavior that confirms to the outside world what lies in the great natural depths. It requires one to discern with open and critical mind to get into terms with any mortal soul.

Funnily, we fail to appreciate the difference between two different individual is as vast as the universe. It is sometime foolish of us to use our interests, like and dislikes as a yardstick for general analysis. Every part of a comrade, points to the fact that each is self. Those who are conversant with the biological study of inheritance know that similarities exist but so do ‘deviations from the norm’.

Ever ask yourself why people appreciate you only on the basis of social traits? Why they say “you are bad” when you fail to do it their way? And why you become a man of the people when you confine your reasoning and decision within their parameters? I had a friend whose critical decision depended on the common consent of other friends. He could not seem to do anything without seeking for permission from them. He had simply become a victim of his own making- too indiscriminate to set limit.

For a purpose of this article, we shall call the ‘foocial’. He was one who could go far from the way to be in the good books of “others”. He calls it socialization and those who did otherwise; antisocial. To accurately say whether he was right or wrong may not solve the mess but to keep quiet about the same may be catastrophic. Foocial was a right or so he thought he had autonomy to remain loyal to his corrupted conscience. Every one of us has the privilege to remain self but there is trouble; one big mass of stereotypes that we cannot break into pieces. It is growing to full healthy height and we have accustomed to watering it. We either expose it to vast weather conditions and it runs out or we continue nurturing it to full bloom. The taller seems to be the choice to go for but it is not!

It is an acceptable to think that our way of life must appeal to others. It is wrong to force others to be with us when we are not sure of the way. Better still, if we know the way we should learn to follow it even without the company of others. My friend made no amends yet he knew that he had become a victim of our own making who are too sick with pride-unable to change for the positive.

The writer is 2nd year Student, LMC

  School of Arts & Social Sciences


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