Start of Something New- By MBUGUA Daniel

Early to bed, Early to rise makes a man healthy but socially dead! Since the beginning of this semester, I have spend better part of the days sleeping! Interestingly, I have been pirating in a room with two engineers. Talking of engineers I have a thought about it.

A good engineer is a person who makes a design that works with as few original ideas as possible. The road to success is always under construction. Get it right….CIVIL ENGINEERS
A bridge is built for us to pass over; it is a work of utility, and which should endure. It should be in keeping with its object, solid, clean, simple, well executed without vain ornament. A common mistake that people make when trying to design something completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools. how can someone spend the whole night trying to draw sketches from a view point of 45 degrees? What is the point? Maybe am getting the “engineering” the wrong way, I am a linguist.

This gave me the opportunity to enjoy the comfort of the bed. That was really pleasing! Little did I realize that I was doing damage to myself? Excessive sleep is with nothing to live for! There were new faces in campus. You call them‘Freshas’.  I call them “adventurers in the miasma of universal adaptation”. It their first time to be in such an environment where one has the freedom to do and be wherever at any time and conspicuously, most overspend. Slow down young ladies and gentlemen. It is a matter of time and all that will be gone. You will find yourselves in the system which most comrades are in and I believe by now you know what I am talking about.

As soon as I came back to my senses and got out of sleep to at least see what is new…I was too late. But I had this second thought. What really happens to the innocent young ladies in particular? They will come to you with all sweet words  on earth, provide you with everything you ask for and of course be willing to direct you to various places in campus. Just walk through ladies hostels and you are likely to hear this:

Dude: I love youImage
Chic: yup
Dude: I love you
Chic: uh-huh
Dude: I Love You
Chic: Gosh I love you too!
Dude: ……
Chic: Nice

Before you realize it you will be “full” and he will be nowhere to be seen. So much has been said. Does my situation make me socially dead? No I don’t think so. I have a lot of other very important things to attend to. I mind writing articles and that will sort out the social part- with a greater impact. As a linguist and a writer I have discovered how far you can go with language to create immediate, elementary experience in all fields. Love and friendship included.


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