Lost Brotherhood – By OTIENO Rodgers

              I put pen to paper for the call of brotherhood for no money out of my deep feelings about humanity, and because I am flattered that whatever talents I have been recognized.

              It has come to my  comprehension  that the brotherhood that used to be there during campus  politics is dead. At this crucial time when most of us  have not cleared fees, there is no indications of HELB disbursement  and  some going with hot water and Ngumus for supper while some assuming  a One Meal a day. And aspirants who used to show concern and “brotherhood” , buying others kajuo and selling their greetings anywhere have hibernated to their so called offices filling their stomachs with nice meals and enjoying drinks in a cool breeze instead of using their position to help fellow comrades! Let them learn that a friend in need is a friend indeed.

  During those times, everybody was a ‘comrade’ including first years but this has faded and the common slang Fresha has come to birth. What happened to this good character? Have they forgotten where they came from? Or did it go with the senior students, the fourth years who are now out? The spirit of brotherhood!

  Who ever imagined any continuing student could be seen in hostel M or L (male wing) if not L(female wing) or K where they could use their superiority complex to win freshas hearts here fresh too in what is called love and campus politics. Thanks to politics, every hostel seemed important as it was paid visits late in the night with shouts and chanting of name of those they dearly campaigned for. That was the case just few days ago during TSA campaigns.

  Despite of this tragedy, they have in previous weeks, series of picnics and hikes to kesses dam, falls and the so called ‘forest’. At least a sense of brotherhood has been felt but of cause triggered by the fresh ‘comrades’. Soon or later this be just sweet memories and the same will occur again come September when the 2011 lot arrives.

  I would wish to have the spirit of comrade power and brotherhood back. I have realized that for certain we need each other for survival in the campus. As we are social beings and that make us different from other created creatures; we support each other mentally, in studies and also with finances. In studies I mean we be courteous enough to show our fellow new comrades venue of their classes and how to cope up with the new education system different from that of high school.

  Managing finances is quite tricky for the first years and others continuing students have taken this to their advantage to extravagantly see them misuse their finances. For sure it is not morally upright. Instead, we should advice on how to wisely one spend and manage their cash and benefit them. Because soon or later they will be broke and desperate and this will make them go for desperate measure which most of the time are precarious.


“Brotherhood is not just a bible word. Out of comradeship can come and will come the happy life for all”


  The writer is a 2nd Year, LMC

  School of Arts & Social sciences.




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