…And The Whip Cracked- Legacy Reports

An ongoing lecture yesterday came to a sudden stop just a few minutes after commencing. The lecturer walked out of the lecture hall having being annoyed by a student’s behavior. He had for several occasions cautioned the students to either switch off their phones or put them on silent mode. It happened that a female student received a call just a few minutes after the notice. She was heard speaking and laughing loudly such that everybody’s attention including the lecturer’s was disturbed.

The lecturer ordered the lady to walk out of the lecture room or he does it himself. Thinking that it was a big joke, the lady just assumed and acted as if she was not the one addressed. To the surprise of the SAS 201 students, the lecturer walked out and gave a warning that he would take the matter to the disciplinary committee for intervention. He also added that he won’t resume lectures till the issue is settled.

The lady looked shaken while the rest of the students were dumb founded by this occurrence. Inside the lecture hall, splinters formed and this incident became the topic of discussion, with some siding with the lecturer while other on lady’s side. They argued that the lecturer did not deserve to walk out on all the students yet it was one among hundreds who infuriated him. One by one they all went back to their rooms angry, some agitated while others were glad that they got a chance to go warm themselves; it was raining.

We are good consumers of technology particularly advancement in mobile phones and other communication gadgets. Though most of us are much educated, we are still highly media illiterate. That is we do not respect the restrictions and usage of communication devices such as mobile phones. Even in churches and worship halls, you are likely to hear a wild ringtones: breaking of glasses, mewing of cats, pouring of water or a man whistling. Can we learn a culture of respecting other people around us? It is simple switch off your phone or put in silent mode when in lectures and places where attentiveness is needed.

Yesterday’s event will form an example to all the 2nd year students of the School of Arts & Social Sciences.

        Legacy Reporter


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