Proud to be in MU Main ~ By Nahashon THEURI

This higher learning institution with a difference has been recognized as the university that produces the best graduates so far. It is among the public varsities offering various disciplines provided in many of its branches nationwide. A leading media in Kenya (Nation Media Group) that was here last  Wednesday 22nd February, 2012 assuring the finalists that being a student was a golden chance of being the top in provision of employees making them proud. Simon Kigamba who graduated last year was also mentioned among others as institution’s products.

Addressing the students at chamber conference in administration building, Mr. Awino Opondi who is the trainee officer expressed his desire on behalf of the company of continuation sourcing the human resource from Moi University. He said that not only journalism but also other courses secure job opportunities in their company since it demands on its diversity. He cautions that they no longer recruit on beauty basis but the brain is what matters since the error of beauty/handsome without upstairs smartness is outdated. This will enable them to continue offering their quality services to the clientele. With branches across the nation, one can work in any: these include writers, cartoonist, editors, photographers among other relevant journalistic work.

Mr. Nemrod Tabbu mentioned that it only require the interest to be journalist adding that it may not be the wish for someone to a journalist but he or she finds himself working! “It a challenging job, but the benefits outweigh the challenges.” The Q FM radio presenter Mr. Ronny also urged the student to join media since it is enjoyable to chart, discuss economic issues, politics, and social matters with people all over the country.




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