How confortable is Comfort? ~ By Repher MUKONZA

From the mention of the word comfort, whatever rings to your mind; luxury; maybe some place next to a palace, or a domicile everyone could ever wish to be. It could be true! A few metres away from the stage premises, we enter the so called COMFORT, from a far we can see its appealing purple colour dressing its gates and most of its doors. Perhaps you can smell the comfort in it.

Just before you wake up from slumber-land and realize that whatever you expected will never be what you find, you are welcomed by this menace; blackout. Sometimes we tend to wonder if the prominently called ‘Diaspora’ should be part of the school. With almost a week without electricity, I can boldly confess that the children of God over here are terribly turning black.

Sometimes we normally wonder why some things have to happen coincidentally. The very week that has been engulfed by darkness is the very week the Continuous Assessment Tests (CAT’s) or rather have flooded in. reading has been a nightmare. As if this is not enough, at this juncture of the semester, nutrition also becomes a challenge. This is the USA era, automatically affording food at the valley hotel becomes a long forgotten dream.

May be it will not be fair to only talk about the lack of electricity. After having been tortured by darkness over the weekend, we were happy to receive the electricity on Monday. The saying goes, ‘girls are the luckiest beings’ and ‘ladies first’, well this is true. The female wing was the only privileged. Could it be because they seldom prepare heavy meals as compared to brothers?

We acknowledge the fact that sometimes back at the beginning of the academic year, electricity was also a bit problematic. But thank heavens the immediate former Chairman Mr. Mwamburi was there to save us.  Here we are, the problem has recurred, and we will always wait for the right time.

On behalf of our brothers, we ladies will not say we are fed up of accommodating them, but the problem is the time of the semester. He might come to cook from your place; carrying sukumawiki, cooking oil, flour but may fail to accompany them with onions and tomatoes.  I cannot fail to help out as some come in the name of charging their phones, who knows they may charge their phones till they charge their stomachs? We will always love them, but may be our love could insufficient.



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