Mr. & Miss Moi Showdown ~ By DOYO Mohammed

Friday the 10th of February will go down in many memories as a day when fun and hype was at its best. Having carried out an excellent publicity of the event, the organizers were ready to showcase the best of the Moi university Main Campus beauties and the beasts. All roads headed to the Students’ Centre with long queues around the entrance capitalizing on the last minute rush.

A magnificent stage was in place. On the decks, was one of the best DJs in the country-DJ Kaytrix ready to show the crowd why, straight up live’ on KTN is always a success. His mastery of the deejaying skills kept the already cheering crowd to its feet. From the natural sounds of soul, the sweet sounds of R&B, the swaggerific hip hop tunes to the mind blowing sounds of reggae and ragga were just what the hands of Kaytrix and the high watt sound systems could not spare.

Kiziah dressed in his trademark strapped shirt together with Jalang’o (Felix Odiwuor) were the MCs of the night.  Jalas kept the crowd laughing with his well thought witty jokes. Their connection with the crowd was amazing. Models were there to grace the night. The smiles, the catwalk, the ‘swag’, the beauty were the talk of the night.

Big names in the local entertainment industry such Wyre the lovechild, a Daggoreti high Alumni and a member of the duo Necessary Noize accompanied by Tanzanian songbird Ray C were in the house. Dressed in a shiny blue outfit, Ray C took the night by storm. Her songs Mama Ntilie, Motomoto, Uko Wapi, Kama Vipi, and Uliniacha kept the thrilled crowd chanting along. Wyre, upon stepping on the stage was welcomed by chants and cheers by the crowd.  He perfomed tracks such as Chuki, Guarantee, Make A Choice, Bless My Room, the all time ragga hype song She Said Dat Remix he collaborated with Jamaican lady musician Cecile.

For the contestants to carry the night, they had to showcase different types of attires. These included professional wear, beach wear and creative wear. The contestants also showed their talents though most of them failed to impress. Singing, a talent which many female contestants claimed to have was a total letdown as well as rapping by the male counterparts. However, Dennis Muchiri thrilled the crowd with his exhilarating dance moves.

Though the competition was tough and stiff, Dennis Muchiri a first year student in school of Information Sciences was crowned Mr. Moi as the magnificent Eva Wanjiru also a first year student in school of Human Resource Development, took the Miss. Moi crown.

The event ended at 5.30 in the morning. Despite the long hours of standing and overcrowding, it was a success.


The writer is a 1st year – Journalism and Communication





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