If I Were Among The 26th SGC ~ By Nahashown THEURI

It is just a matter of days or rather hours before Moi fraternity swears in 26TH SGC officials.  Am above 99.5% sure that during first SGC elections, probably I had not only knew how to pronounce university but also its existence. There have been so many ‘SGCs’ since I joined this high learning institution via Karibu Umefika with high vision of sky is the limit only to find that the landing is on earth not even at the sky.

Due to this, I have decided to start the race towards SGC statehouse, white house or black house whichever comes first. I have been motivated with dreams and visions which I believe will come true. These aren’t dreams and visions like those of Martin King Luther or Kenyan vision 2030. When I will be the president, I will not close the window of my brand new Prado car neither will I run to Nairobi leaving my people at Mashinani hopeless, frustrated without rooms. The modern strategies will be used to fight SGC-phobia promises. Missing marks from various schools will come to a dead end. With the advancement in the information and technology, Moi University being a university with a difference requires internet all over the school and its environment rather than survival for the fittest in our beautiful Margaret Thatcher Library where scholars queue in the name of laptop configuration. The issue of lecturers starting two or three weeks after the commencement of the semester will be a past tense since the reputation of it is mainly handouts given or else photocopy of textbooks a week to examinations and some two days to the exams.

My little economics tells me ceteris peribus when the demand is less, the price will automatically fall. The fares not fair at all to town since they are not being considerate for common comrades, by the abnormal hikes, the school bus will be operating within the campus. There is no doubt that the prices of the MU-SACCO price falling because the law of demand and supply will automatically come true.

It has come to conclusion that this is a crash semester yet the distance from hostels to class is not encouraging to attend lectures. So my fellow comrades, why should the resources lie idle? Buses will operating within campus especially from D and F houses which is equivalent to Kesses and Moi University.

Innovation and invention with entrepreneurship is the backbone for any country to develop. I was once told that at university is where career is being natured and profession sharpened. Prof. Mibey has recently discovered a natural dye but this is as a result of being in the field of practical and not so much on theoretical. Fellow comrades, it is time that as scholars of undergraduate be given quality of practice of what has been taught by professors in LH1, SR, ICDC or Mackay Building.



The writer is 4th year Finance & Banking


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