Entered Single: Left Single ~ By Daniel MBUGUA T

I’m S.I.N.G.L.E! Meaning: Stress Is Now Gone Life is Easier. I wondered what happened during the Mr & Miss Moi eve. Most of us came out different. Comrades were such psyched up not forgetting that chics walikuwa wametoklezea. It’s surprising that some were completely out of place…in a long skirt and a heavy jumper! Hope you learnt how to pimp yourself for next time’s event.

Congratulations to all those who contested. Specifically, I congratulate Chris Kimanga and Janet Adhiambo who both managed to fall for position three. You did the LMC class of 2011 proud. Not forgetting to point out the remarkable efforts by Cavell Abel Chibenda a.k.a J-Curve who emerged position two. Apart from being my roommate, he is such a good friend: doing well in music and now with a new video Hii Ni Life – this is life.

Everybody has his/her expectations in such events. To some it was time to have mad fun; dance till morning, with innumerable chics/dudes, but with no strings attached. Obviously, in their left hand is a bottle of kajuo. They say that it rejuvenates and creates confidence. Confidence! For what reason do they gaggle too much? Last Friday I got the answer for that. Did you? They danced with much vigour but I had a problem. Why break the glasses? It is so reckless and it shows a sign of immaturity.

To others it is time to get hooked up. I call it exploration. They do it in such an amazing way not following a specific formula. For sure you can’t risk exploring and come out empty handed. Woe unto those who snatch ‘owed’ girls. You can either get your head squared by a bottle or your nose blown off! Basically, many were present to have fun: from diverse campuses and even as far as Nairobi. It was such a big event and which in away facilitated integration of students.

It was too unfortunate that one of my friends come out of studie single. He had his girl with him. It started all well, you could tell how intimate they were, holding hands and body distance! This was not until the Ray C came to perform on the stage. The dude had something to surprise his girl with and had to get it from the vendors near the entrance. There is nothing that kills a man’s morale than to find out that his lover is cheating! This is exactly what happened. The chic was somewhat waiting for such a chance to come to get loose. She had other imperative guy to attend to. Too bad, my friend got nobody to give the surprise. He sort for her everywhere only to find out she was with another catch allegedly ‘just a friend’. Much was seen that proved  otherwise.  Break  up!  Nature  is always fair and it ensures balance to everything. And oh yes, he decide also to explore. He had the best of experience ever in campus. S.I.N.G.L.E! Stress Is Now Gone Life’s Easier.



The writer is a 1st year – LMC   School  of  Arts   &   Social  Sciences



One thought on “Entered Single: Left Single ~ By Daniel MBUGUA T

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