A Letter to My Valentine ~ By Joshwa Victor ANANNGWE

Hey sweetheart, I know you are wondering why am too quiet as it approaches valentine’s day. Let me assure you that I am fully aware of it. I have been thinking about it and on how to make it suburb for you. This is the best time for me to renew my love for you and to strengthen my promise of love to you my dear honey.

Let me start by telling you that I truly love you to the brim. I will not tell you what I dream of you because you may think that one day I will not abandon you.

It will be a nice moment to recall how your beautiful and sparkling eyes used to send me off guard whenever I met you. It will be a nice moment to recall how I used to switch off and concentrate on your systematic steps leaving me bending to see where your angelic figure would disappear to in midst of the multitude. Little did i used to forget that am on the altar and in a white cassock but it was precious watching u catwalk towards to the choir upon receiving the holy sacrament? It will be a nice moment to recall how many times you put me off thus putting me on probation to revive my vibes and retry my passwords.

As the time tickles towards the momentum, i want to assure you that you are past the stage of red roses which any other person can get. I promise to get you the blue roses, a rose with a smile, a rose that substitutes my words, a rose that will really tell my conservative feelings for you and a rose with a calming and soothing colour. As we enter into the mood of love, I promise to cherish you with all my heart, to ever love your cute and pretty eyes, to spend quality time with you and show you the true meaning of romance. I promise to compliment and appreciate you and to love you through thick and thin until nothing do us apart.

May this epistle re-soften your heart so that my space in it may keep on expanding. May it refresh that beautiful smile on your face. May it trigger those amazing dimples on your chicks. I also wish to assure you that my heart will only listen to you and to not open my ears to the rumour mongers who want our concentrated love to get diluted or dissolved. I understand that the classes are too tight this time but the kind of love I have for you is uncomparable to anything else. I promise to make your valentine’s day fantastic and memorable.


Yours in love,




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