Aspirants Be On the Watch out! ~ By LIBENDI Abraham

Let me congratulate all the aspirants to the 26th sgc for braving the odds and pronouncing to the fellow comrades that you will be  in  the  race  you  have  acknowledged the rot in Moi  and now  you  are  all ready to clean it. Let me wish all of you the best as you partake the thorny path of the leadership. I also promise that I will vote for all of you as long as you stand for what the comrades want and you are not just out to prove your meanness and selfish personal egos.

You  better  be  on   the  watch!  With  the   escalating prices of the commodities comrades will open their palms and accept what you have to offer. They will sing out their hearts to the tune of the name pronouncing you the chairman, vice chair and so on. They will be on the forefront in  your  campaign  meetings and part you on the back every time you unleash new bank notes and praise unto you. The most hurting part is that they will be the chairs of your opponent’s campaign committees. They will use their wits to milk you dry and abandon you. It is then just that the reality will have dawn on you. You will be booed off by your campaigners. You will realise that you dug you own graves.

I will also like to educate you on something I haven’t tasted. Tarnishing an opponent’s name to your benefit will only prove your incompetency and immaturity. It will be used against you when the election time comes. You will have nothing to be voted in for except that you do not want someone else to be the leader or you want to feel the pride of being a leader. Treat your opponents with respect and use your dreams for your fellow comrades to woe them into voting for you.

As I conclude, let me also encourage you to consult with your opponents. We will  want to be leaders but we cannot lead trees and that is why some of us have to be contented to lead and be lead. Why not act like learned people. If you all stand for change why don’t you wish to step aside or down and give one agent to guide you in your quest for change? Why waste resources poisoning comrades endangering their lives when at the end of the day you will be ashamed and feel like committing suicides.


The writer is 1st year –  School of  Biology & Physical Sciences



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