What Ladies Fear In Relationship ~ By Joshwa Victor ANANGWE

  • Most ladies fear to be in a relationship with a man who receives hugs all the way from other ladies as they walk along the pavements.
  • Ladies would never like to be in a relation with a man who fears to take them out with friends. They feel there is something being hidden away from them by the man.
  • A lady would really abhorrence when she comes in your room and she fails to get full attention from the man.
  • When in true love  (of  which  most  have  never  experienced) ladies would prefer or wish their men to introduce them to all their friends  as  a  girlfriend and not just a good friend.
  • And when they go sick they would expect the man  to   be  there  24-0-7  and  especially  the  recovery period so that she can say with a feel “Aki I love timo, hata nikiwa msick, anakaa tu na mimi kwa bed bila hata kula mpaka nipone”.
  • They become gripped with fear of losing their men when they see other ladies engaging the man in a very live conversation.
  • Ladies will feel agitated with a man who feels shy to bring her close to his strongbox in the presence of other people.
  • They will never love to be in a relation with a man who doesn’t know how to kiss however handsome he may be, they would rather fall for that ugly guy who knows the kissing technique without bothering to ask how he knew it
  • Conscious ladies would never like to fall in love with a bloke who is perfect in cooking lest they happen to marry each other, she would be on a constant scrutiny on her cooking techniques in her entire life
  • A chap who would never appreciate her lady’s dressing code, hair style and make-up is the most disgusting nuisance to her own woman.
  • Ladies hate to be a relationship that the man dodges the responsibility to take care of her.    Ladies don’t go into their couch however loaded they are as long the guy is besides her.
  • Caution: Take care of that man who rotates you in the wheelbarrow and furniture section when he takes you for shopping in the supermarket.

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