The Ignorant Prey of Politics ~ By OTIENO Rodgers

‘Old is Gold’ every time I see these prey being lured by collared baits, glittering hook I remember this. It  does  not  require  pen  intellectual  but  wisdom   and   knowledge not from the so called ‘’we were there’’ lot. I have come to call them “educated fool”. Some scored As’ in their O’ Level while some found themselves in campus just because of ‘fate’ their tree goddess were there, the cloths, Lachesis and Astropos who made their stars shine … they have proven to be “educated fools” from the way they handle  the politics of campus. Some have got baptismal and only gospel they preach is so and so for ASG, Health Director… you name them. Ask one what does ASG stand for or what are the powers or responsibilities of the so called Sport Director? The response you are likely to get is venom of spats or shots from the eye. Let this prey make some visitation to the “old folk”, second years, third years and even if have chance to talk to alumni to get a brief history of what campus politics is. Let the fellow first years learn these campus politics is not about brilliant colour that made you find way there, campus.

I talked of the flavoured baits used to trap these ignorant preys. To all those aspirants remember “effective leadership is not about making speeches or being liked. Leadership is defined by results of attributes”, they have turned out nocturnal, rolling in pavements and hostels at the fall of dusk to past mid night strategizing their bait with speeches. Taking advantage of the simple and ordinary minds born by these prey. Those who talk the clean of time in campus discussing people and effect, so and so is best. How I wish the campus had great minds, a mind of ideas…

The most astonishing thing is that they haven’t taken part  even  in  the  election in the church of selecting a Sunday school leader. The lucky ones took part in the election of passing the constitution, the referendum of 2010. The “yes” and “ no” elections. This makes me worried! And these questions always strike my mind leaving all my body fatigued. ‘’can you find heart in the temple if the temple itself lack in your heart? It is high time for these fellows to have a big picture perspective of thinking.

Tell me if this is not malice or ‘’ISM’’. I was able to attend a Kamukunji of one of the aspirants, the speech was full of, your money faltered”. They drive at their late twenties I will ensure you get rooms, to my surprise the number of rooms is cabstand, are they going to build hostels to give these preys? Let’s realize what leadership is.

Still to my predators, remember that leadership is not all these malice and the prey through reading this article has known you that you don’t miss your target of trapping them hence  have learnt new tactics to escape. Thumps up for the enlightened but sorry to those who throw stones   at   me   having   exposed   their  ignorance. Let’s all wake up from the deep sleep of ignorance of the campus politics and consume the blanket of malice covering “our to be leaders”.

The writer is 1st Year, LMC – School of Arts & Social Sciences



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