Let’s Try Politics ‘Every Semester’ ~ By OTIENO Rodgers

You may mistake me for having been drowned into the ocean of  politics but not really! Who ever imagined a first years being called by either  2nd, 3rd, 4th or finalist as comrades this was a big tale. They used diminishing titles like fresha which seemed a bit kind in that we were fresh in the mind and in this institution of difference may be if there was any other meaning behind it God forbid. When politics started (these fellows) the  fresha  came  to  realize  that    there     were   also “comrades” everywhere not leaving washrooms if you happen to meet a continuing student,  your  will  feel  high    in  the   spirit   despite  frustrations, breakups because there  will be somebody to make you feel important.

Whoever imagined any continuing student could be seen in Hostel D or C if not J or K where they  could  use  their  superiority  complex to win the  fresha’s heart here fresh too in what is called love. Thanks to politics, every hostel seems important as it is paid visits even late in the night. What a spirit and virtue of brotherhood brought by politic!. In a single day,  I ‘was lucky’ to   host  at  least  twenty  visitors, fellow comrades as they refer to each other now (all just in the name of campaigning for Mr. or Ms X.).

During my first month of stay, I came to realize everybody was busy, busy even to give you a greeting  along t he  pavement. To  my  astonishment, greetings have been the order of the day. I used to take five minutes from hostel D student centre of which by the  coming  of politics, takes at least twenty. Not that I have  reduced  pace  but  the number of greetings along the way which some aspirants tend to stop me so as to give me their manifestos. Even twenty metres away, I can’t miss a wave. Oh! What a wonderful thing to become  such  a  utility  during campus politics.

Generosity is what I was told by one of the closest comrade in third year that I should not apply. He told me that everybody received HELB so everyone was expected to spend for himself/herself. Just  recently I thought I was in another world; seemed to be generous. As I was surprised to be stopped by a comrade:

‘Hi bro’,  he directed at me

‘Hi’ I replied

‘Where are you to?’ He asked

‘To market I’ responded

‘Oh to buy lunch?’ He asked

Yes!’ (before even uttering a second word) ‘Have this finje (KShs. 50) for lunch.’

What a generosity? Remember this time of the semester when people are broke! Just yesterday on my way to the Students’ Centre a fellow comrade stopped me:

Vipi hali?

Poa poa I responded

Unaenda kucheki ball studie

Ndio buda!

And before a turn to resume my journey he held me by hand directed me to G-Common Room where   they   had   placed   a   projector  as  a  strategy of campaigning for the post of entertainment. Whoever such memory reared in his/her mind!

Politics have made life take a different direction in campus. My pleasure to feel the “power of comrade” but  for  how long  will  we  enjoy this? This is  the  big  question  whenever  I  see  these  virtues     practiced.



The writer is 1st Year, LMC – School of Arts & Social Sciences



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