I Learnt From Kamukunji ~ By AMBANI Enos

even the student politiciansThat I should compose a song, produce it and make it available  when  such  Kamukunjis  are   held.  We  complain of the same things every time, they promise to work on them, we vote them in, they don’t, we  complain…and the cycle continues. Don’t  worry,  we are  all  going  to  have  time  and  energy  for  our  studies-we’ll be playing this song every time we have such fora…and infact our presence will be needed no more.

That I, too, should vie for one of these posts this year…not one of the posts! I actually don’t want to be the Chief    Editor for MUSO.    Not the          Academic’s  Director   either, not unless they assure me that that’s the   maximum they could gain in terms of body size!

That the first post I should go for is that of the Finance Director. Yes, I also want to be like ‘him’. And just before you forget, if you give me this one, God knows if I’ll be available to attend our…sorry, your last Kamukunji. I am also thinking of becoming the next MUSO Chair, the Secretary General or other directors apart from the ones I mentioned earlier. I can also try the assistant chair, Health director or catering, if I  am  allowed to. Are the posts for ladies alone, by the way?

Generally, being a leader doesn’t call for much…or is it just here? Maybe! I make promises, you vote me in…and when I come out?

I think the former Mr. Moi (Mr. Tall) should be given an additional time, say, 2 to 3 more years here. That is if laughter is still healthy for us and also if he  remains funny.     Honestly I kept on laughing to his last    word – I wish he prayed to save the guy who fell on the table…sorry,  the  podium. What a show! Keep it up, Mr. SUPERTall. Hope this doesn’t reach him; I am told ‘Luos’ can be very proud at times.

The writer is 1st Year – LMC, School of Arts & Social Sciences


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