Why I May Never Vote You ~ By Joshwa Victor ANANGWE

Democracy seems to be  the  move  and  development that the whole world can ever be proud of as a  way     of     adjusting  to  a  fair   procedure of putting new leaders  into office  or  authority.  However, the   same  democracy   seems  to  be  undergoing  a  life-cycle in way that deteriorates its meaning. It now emerges that through it, aspirants with more hooligans tend to emerge as the people to take  up  the  offices. This   looks   more  dangerous  or  a  new  form  of  camouflaged  colonialism or dictatorship.

As time tickles towards the MUSO election   many    people     are   throwing  themselves into the political arena to vie for different    positions   in     the   students’   organization. I guess some will soon realize that they chose the wrong dockets to contest for and others will realize that    being    too talkative doesn’t mean you qualify to be the comrades’ spokesperson.

There comes a time when a voter has to assess the aspirants as the date nears. How do you prepare or happily back up an aspirant who previously acted as the    head    of   the  hooligan group against other contestants? How  does   it   feel when   somebody   who   humiliated you in support of the opponent approaches you in your room in the evening and lowers his or her voice to  make  you  appreciate the humility he has for you just in order to get your vote?

It becomes really ambiguous observing somebody backing strongly an aspirant not on the grounds of tribal alignment. It is not a sin backing your tribesman because I understand that charity begins at home and therefore all aspirants have to get backing from  their  home  associations.  But   it is annoying to find people sticking together to support a candidate on  grounds  of tribal relativity. It sounds barbaric and only humans wallowing in a cocoon  of ignoramus  will embrace   that   kind   of    irrational   and  uncivilized way of doing things.

The era of blame game is withering. To hell with that aspirant who survives on blaming  the  opponent  and  spreading  propaganda with the aim of ruining grounds for him/her. People of sober minds stand out with  brevity  taste  their agenda and seek support from the comrades. Back doors are never the way forward and dealing with a scholar’s  mind  in  that  manner  is  very  dangerous for any aspirants.

I know some will be proclaiming in CU testimonies that they have been saved in order to build their name with the church which is believed to carry a good basket of loyal votes. I wonder why they wait to be saved  in  the  near future of elections and especially when they are in the race.

People who are directed by the agenda of the day or the opinions of the people are still dangerous to put in office. They reach there and keep on telling us “I am really trying, I  wish  you  knew  how  hard  it is to convince or deal with the  dean,  VC   or   major”.  You  just  wonder  whether  they  initially knew  that; that is the task awaiting.

Entrusting people who turn you down is really betraying. Think of somebody who takes  the  office when you have fought to reduce the prices of fare from campus to town to a rounded off figure of KSh. 70 only to leave office when the fare is up by KSh. 30 more.

At times being too vocal, attacking anyone from any side does not in any manner suggest that you can do better. Many have come, many have promised and many have been vocal only to reach there and turn out to be soft betrayers.

Over   hugging   many   people’s  girlfriends on the highways will only but deny you a vote as you will only be developing more   and  more  enemies  with  the  male comrades in a misunderstanding that you are becoming more sociable to all. People who behave to be too radical are never people to trust with an office. At any time they  can easily turn out to challenge their  own office or even the people who mandated them.

A person, who cannot be trusted with small things, cannot be trusted with bigger things too.

























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