The ‘Unusual’ Dream ~ By DOYO Mohammed

Last night, after a long day of searching for handouts and attending bouncing classes, I went to seep extremely exhausted and as they say slept like a ‘young child’. This was a special night.  Special in that I had a dream. Not the dream martin Luther had on black men nor the one Pius Muiru had of becoming Kenya’s 4th president but a special dream in which I saw myself as a chancellor of a world class university in one of the African states.

I could see myself walking along clean corridors all aligned with beautiful modern flowers. I mesmerized at the big post- modern hostel buildings that had taken less than 2yrs to complete. I then headed to the modern library the school had greatly invested in. I couldn’t help but smile on seeing the ambitious students browse on more than 500 modern internet connected computers. There were no queues of students waiting to have at least a chance on the computers. One student was opening the official university website, a website that is available at all times, updated and informative enough. The students wanted to search for his end semester examination results and on a blink of an eye, there they were! Results systematically and fully posted online. The student could not hide his joy on finding out that no exam marks were missing as is the case with some African universities! Now I could see the fruits of my hard work. At least I had kept the dean of various schools and lecturers on toes. Responsibility and accountability was part and parcel of my staff.

On my way out of the library, I met with the student organization chairman- Omwami Omusakhalu . He was delighted to express his gratitude on the way my administration handled students welfare. He categorically expressed how accountability; integrity, transparency and objectivity were the core values of the organization. He thanked my administration for listening to their views and implementing them without cases of victimization or threatening that have often clogged the relation between students’ organization and many university councils. As I parted ways with Omwami  Omusakhulu,   I couldn’t   help but imagine how often students are expelled indefinitely after engaging in strikes that can always be resolved. Administrations should learn the art of sitting at the table with student’s leaders, argue out diligently, weigh the pros and cons of any suggestion brought forward and implement the best ones upon reaching an amicable agreement.

I then decided to head to the lecture rooms. On my way there, I saw a campus newsletter that criticized the way lecturers were favoring some students. This article impressed me. I always had the audacity to welcome positive criticisms leveled against my administration, after all aren’t positive criticisms part and parcel of any institution that wants to grow?

As I passed the 1st lecture hall, a smile graced my face when I saw the eager beaver lecturer in full gears equipping the young brains with food for the brain. Every student was sited comfortably on their respective chairs keenly listening. The lecturer was audible enough and from the look on his face, Mr. Shang could handle perfectly the class of approximately 50 students.

Just then my phone rang, my son was calling! I could guess what the call was all about. True to my fears, here he was complaining more than ever on the poor state of the upcountry college that I had him admitted 2 years ago! Stinking  toilets, irresponsible subordinate staff, unfair lazy lecturers who like ‘bouncing’ classes, unjust and insensitive money-minded student leaders, deteriorating security that have left innocent students with nothing but axe injuries that will last a life time and missing marks that had become a common phenomenon every time  were released . These were just but some of the few complains his Ksh 50  airtime could allow! At this point I could really feel his frustrations. A young ambitious college student  who had  so high hopes about his new learning environment and to his shock finds out that everything   is a mockery of the ISO Certification the institution often prouds itself of!. I once visited the institution and was shocked to find  more dusty feeder roads there than my parents native village in lodwar!  One question was racing down my mind..’when will this institution adopt a strategy for positive change..2030 perhaps?

Tick tock, tick tock went the alarm. A new day was already here. I woke up. The class was to begin in an hour’s time. I hurriedly started getting ready but one thing was still bothering my 4GB brain,-the unusual dream! One hour later here I was matching to the lecture hall. Still I couldn’t help but analyze  whether there was any sense of realism in the dream. I wasn’t sure why I had to dream this way but I was double sure this was not just your so normal dream!

The writer is a 1st yr student in journalism and communication.


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