How confortable is Comfort? ~ By Repher MUKONZA

From the mention of the word comfort, whatever rings to your mind; luxury; maybe some place next to a palace, or a domicile everyone could ever wish to be. It could be true! A few metres away from the stage premises, we enter the so called COMFORT, from a far we can see its appealing purple colour dressing its gates and most of its doors. Perhaps you can smell the comfort in it.

Just before you wake up from slumber-land and realize that whatever you expected will never be what you find, you are welcomed by this menace; blackout. Sometimes we tend to wonder if the prominently called ‘Diaspora’ should be part of the school. With almost a week without electricity, I can boldly confess that the children of God over here are terribly turning black.

Sometimes we normally wonder why some things have to happen coincidentally. The very week that has been engulfed by darkness is the very week the Continuous Assessment Tests (CAT’s) or rather have flooded in. reading has been a nightmare. As if this is not enough, at this juncture of the semester, nutrition also becomes a challenge. This is the USA era, automatically affording food at the valley hotel becomes a long forgotten dream.

May be it will not be fair to only talk about the lack of electricity. After having been tortured by darkness over the weekend, we were happy to receive the electricity on Monday. The saying goes, ‘girls are the luckiest beings’ and ‘ladies first’, well this is true. The female wing was the only privileged. Could it be because they seldom prepare heavy meals as compared to brothers?

We acknowledge the fact that sometimes back at the beginning of the academic year, electricity was also a bit problematic. But thank heavens the immediate former Chairman Mr. Mwamburi was there to save us.  Here we are, the problem has recurred, and we will always wait for the right time.

On behalf of our brothers, we ladies will not say we are fed up of accommodating them, but the problem is the time of the semester. He might come to cook from your place; carrying sukumawiki, cooking oil, flour but may fail to accompany them with onions and tomatoes.  I cannot fail to help out as some come in the name of charging their phones, who knows they may charge their phones till they charge their stomachs? We will always love them, but may be our love could insufficient.



The MU Choir Live Band ~ By MBUGUA Daniel

Moi University Main Campus was last Saturday, 25th February 20012, treated to live performance by the University choir/band. Also on stage were the Urembo Foundation Kenya which did the curtain raising, solo and groups performances.

Music is an art form whose medium is sound. Its common elements are pitch (which governs melody and harmony), rhythm (and its associated concepts of tempo meter and articulation),  dynamics  and  the  auditory qualities of timbre and texture. Moi university choir      utilises  and  nature  talented  voices of the university students and by that, the choir produce well trained and disciplined singers. The choir performs in various  functions both internal activities such as Graduation Ceremonies and external activities such as during  show grounds, political rallies and even in competitions up to international level.


“The Moi University Choir, among other associations, plays a big role in establishment of the extra-curricular sphere at the university. Drawing members from almost all Schools in the Main Campus, it constitutes students with different social and  cultural  backgrounds.  Conforming to the university’s good practice of nurturing innovation and talent, the choir provides ground for talent identification, development and effective utilization.”


Moi University Choir Facebook fan page has it. This is a clear indication that certainly this is a place to be; the group to join.

During the concert, interested students were asked to join the choir or the band as it had various advantages apart from utilizing the activity fee which each student pays. It is noticeable how Dr Wanyama, the choir director and Mr Ongeri, the co-director have dedicated in helping members and improve the quality of the Moi University choir. This is not a choir like any other, it is a mighty choir! Soon, if all goes well, there is a trip to Ghana where various choirs from various countries will contest.

The concert was crowned by rhumba from the University Band. So many things have been said about the band. For those who attended, you saw for yourself how high the band can go. This is a kind of event to look out for, never to pass without your notice. All is not complete without the Moi University Anthem. How many of us know that? It’s a high time we be proud of what is ours and be patriotic.


Proud to be in MU Main ~ By Nahashon THEURI

This higher learning institution with a difference has been recognized as the university that produces the best graduates so far. It is among the public varsities offering various disciplines provided in many of its branches nationwide. A leading media in Kenya (Nation Media Group) that was here last  Wednesday 22nd February, 2012 assuring the finalists that being a student was a golden chance of being the top in provision of employees making them proud. Simon Kigamba who graduated last year was also mentioned among others as institution’s products.

Addressing the students at chamber conference in administration building, Mr. Awino Opondi who is the trainee officer expressed his desire on behalf of the company of continuation sourcing the human resource from Moi University. He said that not only journalism but also other courses secure job opportunities in their company since it demands on its diversity. He cautions that they no longer recruit on beauty basis but the brain is what matters since the error of beauty/handsome without upstairs smartness is outdated. This will enable them to continue offering their quality services to the clientele. With branches across the nation, one can work in any: these include writers, cartoonist, editors, photographers among other relevant journalistic work.

Mr. Nemrod Tabbu mentioned that it only require the interest to be journalist adding that it may not be the wish for someone to a journalist but he or she finds himself working! “It a challenging job, but the benefits outweigh the challenges.” The Q FM radio presenter Mr. Ronny also urged the student to join media since it is enjoyable to chart, discuss economic issues, politics, and social matters with people all over the country.



The 26th SGC: Media and Tendering Process ~ By DOYO Mohammed

There are issues in MUSO which require honesty and openness. In an opinion piece early last week, the Sec-Gen-elect, Mr. Dikembe Seth, gave a personal view about the accommodation crisis. Since then, he has received both scorn and praise in equal measure. To the extreme, some even accused him of grandeur and pride; while others hauled insults at him reminding him that he’s just a second year who needs ‘elderly advice’ to function properly in office.

Given the heat his suggestion that there are no senior students in Moi university, and that the so called seniors are just but a few ‘known’, whose interests are already taken care of by student leaders hence there is need to relook at the plights of the ‘unknown’ students who scourge life at the fringes of this campus, especially accommodation concerns.

In the piece, he opened a Pandora’s box suggesting that at least one more bed space be created in Hostel A, B, F and E. however, the most interesting development was that not all thought his idea was misplaced. In fact, some even shrieked at the idea that some students would oppose such a ‘good idea’ of wanting to accommodate more comrades within the halls of residence.

The future, I believe, remains optimistic (as far as it has gone). Now, let’s remise to the main concern in this piece: Tendering and ownership of campus business premises. In media circles, tendering is a hyper-sensational topic. Not so long ago, shops and cafés ownership was a taboo topic to be discussed on these walls. Campus writers have taken tendering to be the major test of any regime. For so long, student leaders have been accused of corruption and embezzlement by how the tendering process is conducted and its outcomes.

Tendering and ownership are Siamese twins. In a working system, those who tender are expected to be the ‘real’ owners of the investments, that is, when they are lucky to win them. However, this turns out to be a fallacy, especially in MUSO, where there is a developing powerful clique of cartels whose business is to ensure main campus wallows in exploitation as they reap huge profits. The student-leader, portrayed by the media as the greediest, is only a conduit to these cartels.

Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. The line between power and money is extremely thin. The million dollar question, which sages have asked in different epochs, is just how do we maintain a just society when we have to bestow corrupting powers on members of that society?

The student leader in main campus, with all his attendant duties and responsibilities, do not get any meaningful benefit of being a student leader. Recently, in my capacity as a Chief Reporter with The Legacy, I took time to visit the physical office of the MUSO chairman. What I saw was a dusty room with a single metallic chair and a wooden cabinet like those used in your former high school, yet it is this office which embodies the very basic idea of having a students’ organization.

To remain financially floating, the student leader, faced with a hostile students’ media and an increasingly aggressive body of students, becomes complacent…liwe liwalo! The once vibrant student leader loses all sense of purpose. The university through the Dean’s office is alleged to be a central political player with this very crucial issue.

One of my points of departure with the outgoing MUSO Chairman, Mr. Mwamburi, was how he handled the plight of students’ leaders in the whole tendering saga last semester. While it goes without saying that the outgoing directors, in collusion with other students, owned business premises in campus; the underlying reasons were not exhausted.  The Sec-Gen Elect, then Chief Reporter of The 3rdEye, together with Isaiah Masero (Editor-in-Chief) and Steve Macharia (Managing Editor) put the blame squarely on the chair.

In an investigative piece by the 3rd Eye, the three writers posited whether student leaders, themselves having the power to amass these tenders, and more so having valid reasons to do so, could kindly give them out for ‘free’ to other students, or organizations and remain in their state of poverty and want, where they often get back to these very students whom they gave the tenders to, to borrow money for basic survival. The strain on a leader to part with cash is legendary. The incoming office is yet to be sworn in but even now, there are claims that students have been approaching them with very genuine reasons of wanting their assistance, most times financial or material. Coupled with the amounts they used during campaigns, the student leaders find themselves in a quagmire position.

The Sec-Gen, told me that he had time to speak with the incoming Director for Finance, Mr. Joel Ole Nakola, and what came out in their discussion, which I believe is shared by other members of the incoming team and a bigger body of students, is that they cannot pretend to be fighting for students while them as leaders are straining to survive. Unlike other students’ bodies like SONU or KUSA, and  even Masinde Muliro, where students leaders and students know the range of benefits to students leaders, be it financial or otherwise, MUSO  is an organization managed by trickery and disdain to SGC members. There is no known method of remuneration proffered to our student leaders.

One might argue whether ‘lack of remuneration’ justifies tender acquisition by the SGC members. One may want to know what practical steps have the outgoing teams put in place to ensure their incoming counterparts do not suffer such humiliation. These are the issues we intend to know when the Mwamburi-Okeri SGC finally gives way to the Doghana-Dikembe SGC.  I believe the incoming Finance Director has the foresight to not only correct this anomaly, but also put structures that will ensure student leaders are not viewed as thieves or highway robbers.

The media, should now not only focus on whether tendering will be transparent, open and fair, but also whether our system allows student leaders to let go tenders and ownership without due recourse to their survival as people whose shoulders lies the  responsibility to ensure each student is not treated unfairly before any organ of the university.

It is easier to pass judgment on actions of student leaders as malicious and utterly inconsistent with best management practices in other institutions of higher learning; however, without correcting the imbalance created by a financially-starving student leader and an unscrupulous but extremely endowed campus brokers; some of whom are classmates of these very same leaders, the vicious cycle of theft will continue unabated.

The 26th SGC Election Results – Friday 17th February 2012

1.       Chairperson

Mr. Florence Doghana 1955 47.81%: Mr. Tobias O. Mirasi 841 20.57%: Mr. Aukins Moruri 573 14.01%: Mr. Kirong Shadrack 535 13.08%: Mr. Boaz K. Limo 93 2.27%:

SPOILT VOTES: 92   2.25%:   TOTAL: 4089

2.       Vice – Chairperson

Ms. Kurgat Getrude C. 2710 66.03%: Ms. Sandra A. Onyango 1271 30.97%:

SPOILT VOTES: 123 3.00%: TOTAL: 4104

3.       Secretary General

Mr. Seth O. Dikembe 2213 54.32%: Mr. Meshack Omega O 1428 35.05%: Mr. Migingo M. Newton 181 4.44%: Mr. Emmanuel Owour 96 2.36%:

SPOILT VOTES: 156 3.83%: TOTAL: 4074


4.       Assistant-Secretary General

Ms. Viola Yegon 1827 44.29%: Mr. Abdirahman Yussuf 1211 29.36%: Mr. Martin Kinyua N 307 7.44%: Mr. Omariba T. Dennis 300 7.27%: Mr. Jacob T. Maya 173 4.19%: Mr. Okumu Brian Mala 94 2.28%: Mr. Muthama Felix M. 78 1.89%:

SPOILT VOTES: 135 3.27%: TOTAL: 4125


5.       Director of Finance

Mr. Joel Ole Nakola 1984 48.30%: Mr. J Bii Kipruto 740 18.01%: Mr. Erastus Munyua 733 17.84%: Mr. Athanas L. Mbogho 245 5.96%: Mr. Stanley Kipchumba 240 5.84%: Mr. Otieno S. Randiga 105 2.56%:


6.       Director of Academics

Mr. Titus Mururu 2097 51.11%: Mr. Majoni C. Polycarp 1196 29.15%: Mr. Abuor Moses Imo 714 17.40%:

SPOILT VOTES: 95 2.32%: TOTAL:   4103

7.       Director of Security & Accommodation

Mr. Enock Ogega  1569 35.39%: Mr. Edward Mwashighai 1285 28.98%: Mr. William Too  987 22.26%: Mr. Nyabuogi O. Fredrick 145 3.27%:

SPOILT VOTES: 149 3.36%:  TOTAL: 4434


8.       Director of Health

Ms. Nenunge C. Pauline 1699 41.30%: Ms. Patience Claire 1490 36.22%: Ms. Mary N. Thairu 844 20.42%:

SPOILT VOTES: 81 1.97%: TOTAL: 4114


9.       Director of Catering

Ms. Grace N. Kariuki – Unoppossed


10.    Director of Entertainment & Communication

Mr. Kyalo M. David 1320 32.20%: Mr. Charles O. Okumu 960 23.42%: Mr. Walter Kochei 475 11.59%: Mr. Duncan Ombeche 457 11.15%: Mr. Omondi O. Dennis 266 6.49%: Mr. Nicholas Kariuki 258 6.29%: Mr. Kevin Oundu 130 3.17%: Mr. Derrick Gakuu 112 2.73%: Mr. Nyawanda C. Paul  17 0.41%:

SPOILT VOTES: 99 2.42%: TOTAL: 4099

11.    Director of Games & Sports

Mr. Aduke Maxwel 1791 43.47%: Mr. Hillary Chemjor 1300 31.55%: Mr. Onkoba Job Onkware 411 9.98%: Mr. Khavuchi O. Abel 261 6.33%: Mr. Stanley Kimuge 256 6.21%:

SPOILT VOTES: 101 2.46%:  TOTAL: 4120


Mr. & Miss Moi Showdown ~ By DOYO Mohammed

Friday the 10th of February will go down in many memories as a day when fun and hype was at its best. Having carried out an excellent publicity of the event, the organizers were ready to showcase the best of the Moi university Main Campus beauties and the beasts. All roads headed to the Students’ Centre with long queues around the entrance capitalizing on the last minute rush.

A magnificent stage was in place. On the decks, was one of the best DJs in the country-DJ Kaytrix ready to show the crowd why, straight up live’ on KTN is always a success. His mastery of the deejaying skills kept the already cheering crowd to its feet. From the natural sounds of soul, the sweet sounds of R&B, the swaggerific hip hop tunes to the mind blowing sounds of reggae and ragga were just what the hands of Kaytrix and the high watt sound systems could not spare.

Kiziah dressed in his trademark strapped shirt together with Jalang’o (Felix Odiwuor) were the MCs of the night.  Jalas kept the crowd laughing with his well thought witty jokes. Their connection with the crowd was amazing. Models were there to grace the night. The smiles, the catwalk, the ‘swag’, the beauty were the talk of the night.

Big names in the local entertainment industry such Wyre the lovechild, a Daggoreti high Alumni and a member of the duo Necessary Noize accompanied by Tanzanian songbird Ray C were in the house. Dressed in a shiny blue outfit, Ray C took the night by storm. Her songs Mama Ntilie, Motomoto, Uko Wapi, Kama Vipi, and Uliniacha kept the thrilled crowd chanting along. Wyre, upon stepping on the stage was welcomed by chants and cheers by the crowd.  He perfomed tracks such as Chuki, Guarantee, Make A Choice, Bless My Room, the all time ragga hype song She Said Dat Remix he collaborated with Jamaican lady musician Cecile.

For the contestants to carry the night, they had to showcase different types of attires. These included professional wear, beach wear and creative wear. The contestants also showed their talents though most of them failed to impress. Singing, a talent which many female contestants claimed to have was a total letdown as well as rapping by the male counterparts. However, Dennis Muchiri thrilled the crowd with his exhilarating dance moves.

Though the competition was tough and stiff, Dennis Muchiri a first year student in school of Information Sciences was crowned Mr. Moi as the magnificent Eva Wanjiru also a first year student in school of Human Resource Development, took the Miss. Moi crown.

The event ended at 5.30 in the morning. Despite the long hours of standing and overcrowding, it was a success.


The writer is a 1st year – Journalism and Communication