When is She Elegant? ~ By Joshwa Victor ANANGWE

Is there a gentleman who would admire walking down the aisle with a messy bride? A beautiful lady will always be referred to as a ‘flower in the garden’. When a man spots it, he develops a soft spot for it then approaches it. If of attractive that is of beauty, it will get plucked. If he finds it rotten or is withering away, he will leave it and walk away in such for another; beautiful of good scent. In adherence to the fact that the world is developing very fast and everything is tuning to the changes too. However, the way the ladies’ dressing code is changing to cop up with the current civilisation is a little bit worrying and amazing.

Ladies who prefer to be identified as a woman of the 21st century would do anything to get noticed on the pavements. She would even prefer to put on a long t-shirt and call it a dress to the extent of showing off their nudity. You just wonder when a lady who escaped with her ten year old skirt gets defeated to pick up her lip-bum on the academic highway when it drops from her huge hand bag. Not unless she is assisted to uplift the make-up , she will continue wallowing around waiting the academic highway to clear off the people so that she can bend- over for her valuable item. She fears picking it because the whole world can easily go dark in honour of the dressing code.

With this kind of 21st century kind of dressing, it baffles me when and make some interrogate myself of when you can tell that a lady is elegantly dressed. You just wonder when a girlfriend (a friend who is a girl) comes over happily to hug you yet almost all her bosom is out with only a parallel rift running in the mid of the two-pineapples, themselves will call it a good cleavage. You can guess if such a lady would have been invited in the “American Pie” naked marathon, she could have enjoyed the game in the naked part. Because it’s like they are waiting for a century that will allow them to walk naked.

Others leave their rooms almost half naked and walk along the pavements shaking their bodies to the twisty rhythm leaving all the males’ eyes turned as they pass. Then they charge their achievement as to how many heads they turned during the day. Looking at their faces, their eyes are well covered with extra large sun-glasses. Little did they know that hiding the face is not hiding the shame. I bet they are just applying the Ostrich’s trick of hiding only the face leaving the body thinking that the predator won’t see it.

“The tights” as they would call them, I beg to know who invented them and to know whether he/she forgot to prescribe when and how they should be matched. Others just embrace colour clashing.

I would rather not talk about the hair styles. They are not amazing; they are crazy, funny indeed. Look at the Mohawk community, very dangerous and scaring indeed. They will always sit at the back in class lest they scare away the lecturer before the lesson ends. Others plait their hair in that you can easily mistake a person’s head for a village paper-bagged ball. Some hair styles are just too scary like illuminatic styles.


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