Operation Rudi Campo Reloaded

We are pleased to welcome all students back to the ‘3rd semester’ of the academic year. The LEGACY TEAM has been keen to observe humorous trends as comrades register a low turnout.
Majority of students have come back to campus with lots of luggage and through our observation all this is in the name of coping with the hush economic times.
A comrades who revealed his name as Katumanga explained that he had used all his HELB loan during the festive December season, he therefore had no option of living his usual luxurious life but to carry a sack of maize for his lunch and supper and some little arrow roots for his breakfast. Others took the ‘November –December tuition’ a part of the first semester that was also dubbed ‘couples retreat’ to feed, wine and dine with their sweet babes and at least enjoy a short lived honey moon, in fact it was a time when Falls was fully packed and you could mistake some that Christmas spirit had just started early than usual.
We noted that due to the escalating prices of basics like food stuffs, majority had to spend their better part of the holidays collecting food stuffs to enable them reduce trips to the mama mbogas and safe some little coins for credo and for the lucky ones to save some for their babes requests.
Different students arrived in campus with different kinds of luggage and one could possibly guess what was inside from a far distance. The majority of male students were seen loaded with sacks of maize to push them through the part two of the semester. “Si unajua ni pesa hakuna, helb iliisha yote” explained a comrade who sought for anonymity. For the ladies, although they hardly carry any food stuffs, this time round was a must carry for their survival. Brenda a second year in School of Arts explained that she can’t be ashamed of carrying maize and some little Cassava revealing that she has to save some money to cater for her make-up throughout the semester, she said she avoided doing her usual shopping in the supermarket because prices of commodities have sky rocketed “mimi sina aibu! si kila mtu ukula” she explained confidently.
Although the semester is shorter than any other semester, majority of students carried enough lots of stock, a visit to hostel C and D revealed that most students had their rooms fully loaded with sacks of maize, beans, sweet potatoes, Omena commonly known as Kisumu boys and some bananas, this seems contrary to other semesters where students preferred to head to town and come back with foodstuffs from t he supermarket.
Valarie, a first year in the school of human resource explained that she sees no need to buy chips from the Cafe pointing out that she had carried half a bag of Irish potatoes and therefore prefers cooking chips from the comfort of her room.
A comrade in Hostel H pointed out that he was able to carry a bag of maize, sweet potatoes and at least some few green bananas. He was however infuriated by the government’s lethargy in reducing prices of commodities even after fuel prices went down by 7 shillings.
However, Mr. Barsurlai, a boda boda operator working at the stage was smiling all the way to the bank, he revealed that he is making good money because majority of comrades are heavily loaded with food stuffs and that he is charging some extra cash to ferry the goods to the hostels.
We therefore hope that every student has devised means of survival and or is working hard to beat this difficulty economic period, it’s time that we should spend well and save whatever we have for some better use.
By Joshwa Victor Anangwe and Nick Nyamai.
The writers are 3rd year LMC students.


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