The Academic Rush-Hour ~ By THEURI Nahashown

In the recent days, the environment of Moi University has changed in terms of academics. The scholars now seem to be very busy; definitely this is because of the exams that are around the corner.

The greetings that have been adopted are Obama style, I mean that waving each other and without wasting time by engaging into stories. The ‘beautiful’ MTL that does not become boring with her stocks of books not being touched every now and then. The clients are now many as it can be seen  from where the direction of academicians flow. The SR’s and LT’s also get a share of warmth especially when MTL closes her doors as students scotch their books and handouts for their revision.

The School of Engineering first year students have just joint us at the right time when the semester is at its peak. Their lecturers did not spare them but to pump their heads with knowledge as other Kenyans without giving them sometime ‘to breath’ the university air and feeling the warm welcome of Karibu Umefika. Our lastborns, never mind this is campus life.



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