Few Sockets as Comrades Flock MTL ~ By OSOMBAH W. Steve

It’s that time of the semester that Margret Thatcher Library receives the highest number of users. Library staff have now been given a run for their money who otherwise have been relaxing during the early parts of the semester since they didn’t have customers to attend to. Yes, its exam time and everybody is making a frantic effort to update their brain memory lest you see black and yellow in the exams. It is during this time that all the 2500 seats in the library are occupied. It is also the only time that you will find comrades waiting for the library to be opened way before 9am.

While most of the comrades are preparing for the end of semester exams others are busy carrying out research for their academic term papers and work based assignments. Internet is one of the most important sources of information when writing academic term papers and I must commend the library administration for installing wireless internet connection in MTL. It has made the life of comrades much easier as far as undertaking assignments is concerned. However, there is a small problem: the number of comrades has surpassed the number of sockets available in the library. The fact that the wireless network is only available in ground floor (and not in first & second floors) has further perpetuated the situation since all users are expected to access internet in ground floor.  So, the number of sockets in ground floor is not directly proportional to the number of comrades, who would like to access the internet. Consequently, comrades have been compelled to leave library when their laptop charge runs out. This has inconvenienced those who have been forced to run back to their rooms to charge their laptops then back to continue. In addition to that, there are these selfish crops who don’t want to share the few sockets available despite the fact that his/her laptop is fully charged. Shame on you if you are one of these folks!

It’s my supplication that the library administration should consider securing some power extensions so as to avail more sockets to power up our machines and let comrades continue with our research inter alia without any interruption whatsoever. Furthermore, perhaps the library should expand the wireless network to reach our halls of residence. They forgot about those who have Desktop computers and would also like to access the internet but they can’t carry their desktop machines to the library. Meanwhile as the library figures out a solution, let’s learn to share: let’s share the few sockets available. Selfish people have never been successful in life. Otherwise, success in your forthcoming exams.




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