An allegory of sorts ~ by KHISA Pius

Love is an allegory of sorts; it controls reality, brings down great men and women, turns into clever the fools and turns clever the fools into clever. It makes the world go round and sky rumble when the lovers break up. It makes your friend gasp and sweat profusely when he or she sees you kissing and caressing your honey. Furthermore it is love that makes best friends to fight, compete and even assassinate each other’s characters in order to win that lovely queen.

But do you comrades love anyway? The doctors and the philosophers of love hold that it is a religion which needs to be devoted with utmost seriousness. They say that its subscribers need to live and exist peacefully according to the covenant of the beloved. This implies that anybody in love should never sin by cheating; making false promises double dealing, eying a friend’s lover among others. Adhering to these rules will bring the happiness and the joy home. This will lay a foundation for the development both spiritually, economically, morally and academically. This is because no comrade will waste his or her precious time thinking and mourning over his or her misfortunes, nagging and unfaithful lover.

Loving is difficult and is ever worst episode in a person’s life. Furthermore it is the most important part of life a true man argues to have well lived. This is why you see the comrades running around, flossing, rivalry and even go down to their knees crying and begging; only for a place in the ladies heart. It is sometimes impressive when these guys declare themselves to ‘chicks’. As a routine: after knowing a lotus-blonde chick, a guy will say, “you are pretty,” and “I love you”.  These three word sentences are uttered all night and day long to capture the attention and the feeling of the beautiful ladies. It is sad noting that all the mouths that say these words do not mean them.  So be careful to avoid disasters.

When you fall in love, let it be and not infatuation. Make haste to be kind and take it to the next level where roses are the orders of the day. This will make every day happy to live and spare you the agony of mistrust and the heartbreak.


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