The Latest Sport-Speed Skating ~ By KORIO Geoffrey

ALL work and no play makes Jack a dull boy; and students are always looking for avenues to escape boredom and mellow out. In relation to this, many students have engaged themselves in various outdoor games including the new, eye appealing sports of speed skating. Internationally known as outdoor inline speed skating, this sport has captivated the many students of Moi University. Speed skating offers myriad health and recreational perks. Due to its eco friendly nature, speed skaters can also employ it for transportation purposes. There is no need paying KShs.20 to go to Kesses if you know how to skate.

In Moi University, speed skating is offered by the Wareng-Moi Main Speed Skating Club. It is a fully fledged club that provides skating opportunities for professionals and amateurs. Albeit it is recently formed, the club has registered many students and even staff personnel. Those who are passionate the thrills and adventure of speed skating can join the club by paying a membership fee of KShs.500. Most of the members; including the patron, are renowned national skaters. In addition to this, it also registers and trains children.

Having the appropriate gears and accessories in speed skating is paramount. To begin with, one must have rollers skates – are available in two designs: the inline skates and the quad roller skates. The inline skates have three to five wheels in a single line while the quad roller skates got four wheels. Some inline skates are incorporated with rear brakes. Just like any sport, speed skating is risky and one must have protective equipment. They include: helmets, face masks and goggles for eye protection, knee pads, shin pads, cut-resistant gloves, neck guard and elbow pads. It is also important to consider the type of clothing. Novice skaters are advised to wear warm and stretchy clothes. Track suits are recommended for those in the beginning/ development phase. However, long sleeves are mandatory at all stages. The equipment ensures that the skaters have a memorable and surreal skating experience.

Speed skating offers a variety of competitions. You have the liberty of participating in all of them; provided you have the passion and endurance of doing so. However, one should remember that you can’t be a jack of all trades and a master to none. Some of these competitions include: time trials, sprints, elimination races, points races, points-elimination races, relays, criterium races, distance races, marathons and ultra-marathons.

Skating time commences at 9.00am to 5.00pm on weekdays and 8.00am to 5.00 pm on weekends. On the weekdays, skaters converge at the pavilion to practice and on weekends they capitalize the Academic Highway along the Administration Block. Despite being a risk prone place, they (skaters) have the permission to practice around the Administration Block on weekends. Some of them have also ventured around the ICDC compound in an effort to satisfy their daring antics.

And finally, thanks to the skating exposure, avid student skaters have the opportunity of emulating inline pros like Chad Hedrick and Daniel Jansen. They also have the chance to showcase their talents and prowess in some of the national tournaments.  Speed skating captain, Mr. Nicholas “Nico” Kirui revealed that there are plans to host a skating tournament in Moi University Main Campus.


One thought on “The Latest Sport-Speed Skating ~ By KORIO Geoffrey

  1. I’m finally excited to learn that a sport which we started and played a position of a captain was noted and published..

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