Women are Sexual Pollutants ~ By Joshwa Victor ANANGWE

This is what students of school of Arts will tell you. Don’t compromise me because am not holding a debate but rather trying to understand ways in which they pollute and whom they pollute. I guess that’s why it was named school of ‘social’ Arts . Indeed its very social, it teaches me what my mum, dad or even that biology teacher in high school could not do even after introducing that famous topic on sexual reproduction.

The course itself has a nice title, ‘Gender Issues’. This already briefs you that at the end of the day one will be favoured and the other will realize that he/she is the sexual pollutant.

At least some of my many questions are now answered, why we-men were never regarded in the community as much as men. If we have to observe the traditions they regarded as the lesser beings ‘except my friend who is a girl’. Yes the traditions proclaimed that they were sexually polluting the men, especially the virgin men. Some communities regarded the menstrual periods in we-men as sacred and an exhibit of fertility, while others regarded them as sexual pollutants during this period. Which communities were right and which ones were wrong? I don’t know. But I have a clue of the answer.

For women things could sound even worse because whenever they approached the critical periods  they had to be built a hut away from the homestead so that they don’t infect anyone as they remain sexual pollutants for almost a months before being sanctified and cleansed to join back the family.

It marvels me that a man who raped a lady or had any sex with a woman had to be compensated by that woman: the woman is regarded to have sexually polluted the man in that process. This beats logic in the way our oldies did their judgments to make the society a better place for them.

The 21st century has brought a light of hope for them, for their sexuality is valued and not regarded as pollutants anymore.

However, they seem to be changing these issues so fast that one will not fail to prophesy that in the 22nd Century, women will get pregnant then transplant to their husband so that the women conceives, the husband carries the pregnancy for nine months. Ha! I pity men who will live in the 22nd Century. They will be referred to as sexual pollutants by women of that time.

The Writer is 3rd year – LMC Major, SASS


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