We Were Warned ~ By NYAMAI Nick

The day  is  December  21st  2012. Many  Kenyans  have  travelled  upcountry to celebrate Christmas with friends and families. Comrades too, are back home. Jingle bells are the tunes in every house.

Besides    this   special   occasion,  Kenyans  are   preparing  themselves to vote in a new president- that is if election dates will be pushed forward to December and not August next year. The  clock is ticking fast, two minutes to  21st  December  2012, families  have  gathered themselves to feast, and make merry, bulls’ and chickens’ lives not spared. Despite the     economic   crisis   every   Kenyan   is   celebrating.

Everything seems normal until  the  unexpected   happens;  a loud      bang   hits   the   planet,   earthquake,    followed    by   a   tsunami,   volcanoes   and    strange eruptions- it’s the apocalypse.

Everybody  is   running   to  different directions fearing for their lives. The few talented Bolts of our generation rush to the sacred places to be laid hands by the clergy.  To their  rude   shock, they   find   the clergy  deep  into  a  moment  of  meditation too saying their last prayer  and  they  don’t  want  any  interruption because they fear dying as sinners.

Unknown to many, it’s the Mayan people’s calendar- from the Native Americans in Southern and Northern Mexico. It had stated that the world will come to an end sometimes in 2012: and there were predictions that this will be   21st  December. The Egyptians too believe the same. Roland Emmerich even acted a movie about    a   disaster  that  brings  an  end  to  the world – 2012 We Were Warned.

Although there   has   been   many   theories   and   prophesies   predicting  the  end  of  the  world,  never  has  there  been  a  day   so   compelling to such large number of culture, religion and scientists. In an era dominated by falsehood and misconceptions, it takes wisdom to convince     the    majority  overshadowed by sin.

To     date    all    doomsday   prophesies   and   predictions have failed. Who will forget Harold Camping’s prediction about the final judgment in May 21 2011? The world waited for his doomed   intuitions   with   ridicule. This octogenarian preacher did not wait to be the laughing stock around the globe, he further warned of a possible occurrence in October 21 this year. Will the world end in December 21st 2012? Let’s wait and see but remember, we were warned!

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