The Legacy Finally Gets a Godparent ~ By Joshwa Victor ANANGWE


The Legacy Publication team has a reason to smile after getting a patron this week whose roles will be guiding, giving advice and in helping adopt the new styles methodologies, ways and techniques that can improve each and every time as we strive to meet the national standards.The Legay Patron


Mr. Oluoch John, the new patron is a consultant in the field of media and communication, journalism, public relations and corporate communication in Moi University. A lecturer in the faculty of Human Resource Development (taking third and fourth year students in the field of journalism and communication). He also lectures some courses in the school of Arts and Social sciences particularly the Linguistics, Media and communication students commonly referred to as LMC which was formerly  LS. He teaches them Corporate Communication and Editing skills. The alumni of the institution was once the Editor-in-Chief of Moi University Language Students Association (MULSA). He has also worked in the departments of Public relations and the Moi University Press.


The Leagcy team  feels that the appropriate supporter just found to help move forward as he is well educated and has enough experience in this field. He is a humble person, down to earth social and ready to help in advice. It all takes courage, confidence and inspiration to rise from nothing to something. The way to greatness is never smooth and the path to reach success is also never smooth.


The Legacy is a student publication in Moi University that has come from a far point of recognition to a point of recognition. It has made great strides that have lifted it to greater heights especially this semester. Initially, it published only one copy which was published on Fridays.


To change and improve the corporate image of this publication, we decided to expand the publication in the beginning of this semester to two copies on Monday, one copy on Wednesday and two copies on Friday. This created a good impression to the entire fraternity of Moi University. It’s this semester that the Legacy team decided to make a taste on the use of cartoons as visual images to pass the message. The idea came out successful thus henceforth we started using cartoons in our publications.


The Legacy has registered approximately sixty members today, of which around forty are potential and twenty are quasi members. It’s of good luck that the few people who have used our publication as an exhibit in job searching have come out successful including our immediate editor Mr. Adhere  Otieno Cavince who formerly hosted The Breakfast Show on 103.9 MU FM last semester. He currently works with Atlantic Africa and  an online editor and a business columnist in THE TRUTH WEEKLY NEWSPAPER.


Last week we steered up to make sure that we (the legacy team) have found a logo for our publication and we are happy that we came up with something reasonable, professional and fascinating.We therefore want to take this opportunity to invite people with young ideas as the Legacy is one of the clubs that will help you realize that your idea is a great one through implementation. Come, join now and you will never regret. Welcome to our social evening today if you have a passion to join.


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