My Eyes Think Out ~ BY OKEMWA N. Sabastian

Behold I present the 21st Century masterpiece. Seeing is believing and I know you’ll believe once you see her in my eyes, quite a beauty she is. I must say the first time I saw her, l told my eyelids to stop blocking my view in blink disguises every couple of seconds.

And she pulled out a pen from her right side mirror and shot at the sky. Myriads of ink painted the picture ever so vivid for all of Moi to see, they got informed and interactively entertained in the process.

On her right was a miniature speaking device checked horizontally at the medial position and little verticals at the edges, sound energy from her conglomerate swam in, got synchronized and scribbled history on the walls as it was and a legacy was left behind.

She had a signature blue ribbon antiqued at the borders with a lighter tint of blue binding the power of the mic and that of the pen: information and interaction, that’s what she professed and every end academic year, her sons and daughters flew out like the stars on either side of her head and spread the gospel to all the ministries in this nation and beyond.

Deep in the bowels of her head were a goal and an open book: rising to professionalism yet open to new experiences, all elements bundled up in a luminous yellow and an enchanting blue. So I fell in love, YES, dreamy, ration less love for her highness; one of Moi University Publication’s levels of aesthetic value.

I bet many a hearts she’ll break and not even know about it. Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you the brand new, and drop dead gorgeous: legacy logo: beauty no longer lies in the eyes of some “beholder”, it’s in her.

The writer is a 3rd year English and literature student



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