Describing Beauty ~ BY ANANGWE Victor

              Beauty lies in the specific looks of a person rather than the object, because different people feel beauty in different things and in different ways. You will always realize it if you are keen, that when a woman is not beautiful, people will always tell her “You have lovely eyes or you have lovely hair” This makes her feel precious even when she’s not.

At times, men should ask God as to why He burdened them with stressful creatures called woman. A day will never end without having stress inflicted on their minds by a woman, a lady, a girl or as they would prefer to be called “angels” even when they are not beautiful.

A normal man will be stressed at the end of the day. Either he has been annoyed by his wife if married, threatened by another man whose wife or girlfriend he greeted in a very soft way or when he keeps thinking of his long distance girlfriend whom he thinks that somebody else is ‘feasting on’. But the majority of men get stressed at the end of the day when they start recalling the women with beautiful body figures they met on the way but were not able to approach.

God created people very differently; you wonder that the lady you think is so ugly is the same one killing your friend with wet dreams. Different ladies from different communities have well explained and discussed their beauty in diagrams using their body configuration.

The Kikuyu girl bestows all her beauty around the abdomen, her body figure is well explained using figure 8, good and attractive bosom, and well hipped with constriction in the belly that forms another hipped flesh that combines the abdomen and the thighs. Finally it reduces down the stairs leaving them somehow shapeless that no man concentrates on if he falls for such a lady.

Luhya girls tend to be uniform from the top to the base. Not unless you develop an interest for such a Luhya girl, you will easily fail to define her beauty. However, they have good looking and strong legs that uniformly balance their body just like that of Serena Williams.

Our sisters from the lake side seem to be overloaded at the abdominal palace and well hipped behind. Men who prefer heavy weights will always find it easy to identify them in a crowd of education students in a common course lecture room.

The tall slandered and black beauty of the sisters from the rift region is quite different from all; their body figure is not adapted for beauty contest but rather for ‘escape’ or running in most cases. Their legs are too long that they seem to be overlapping the abdomen. Their legs begin from the belly thus leaving the abdomen not well structured. One will not mistake a lady from a different community with this lady from the rift region: her legs would be twice as tall as those of the other lady, though they are of the same height. However, the black beauty that glitters from their small eyes is just amazing.

Now, these Kamba ladies, too short that at times men fear to katia them because it’s difficult to distinguish a young lady from somebody’s wife. Their hair style is amazing, very unique from the rest. But one thing, they are very humble if not interfered with. If you interfere with their life style or property, they will be prompt to assure you that they would go to Kamba land and when they come back, what will happen to you, only God knows.

Ladies from the coast, too talkative, brown-skinned but only good if you aren’t in relation with them because they can easily cause you an early heart attack or high blood pressure. They speak very fluent Kiswahili but when they start writing it down Wah! Mamuche!

All these differences are just the wonders of the lord so that at least everyone gets his own preferences, tastes and choice.

The beauty of a lady or a flower will always lie in the eyes of the beholder.


The writer is a 3rd year LMC major


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