marie de dieu rest in peace – BBC reports

A French woman kidnapped from Kenya by suspected Somali militants earlier this month has died, say French officials.

Diplomats said they were told of Marie Dedieu’s death by contacts through whom they had been negotiating her release.

The exact circumstances of her death are not known, but her poor health and the fact vital medication had been withheld from her meant “this tragic outcome was highly likely”, they said.

Ms Dedieu, 66, was one of four Westerners taken from Kenya in October.


The Latest Sport-Speed Skating ~ By KORIO Geoffrey

ALL work and no play makes Jack a dull boy; and students are always looking for avenues to escape boredom and mellow out. In relation to this, many students have engaged themselves in various outdoor games including the new, eye appealing sports of speed skating. Internationally known as outdoor inline speed skating, this sport has captivated the many students of Moi University. Speed skating offers myriad health and recreational perks. Due to its eco friendly nature, speed skaters can also employ it for transportation purposes. There is no need paying KShs.20 to go to Kesses if you know how to skate.

In Moi University, speed skating is offered by the Wareng-Moi Main Speed Skating Club. It is a fully fledged club that provides skating opportunities for professionals and amateurs. Albeit it is recently formed, the club has registered many students and even staff personnel. Those who are passionate the thrills and adventure of speed skating can join the club by paying a membership fee of KShs.500. Most of the members; including the patron, are renowned national skaters. In addition to this, it also registers and trains children.

Having the appropriate gears and accessories in speed skating is paramount. To begin with, one must have rollers skates – are available in two designs: the inline skates and the quad roller skates. The inline skates have three to five wheels in a single line while the quad roller skates got four wheels. Some inline skates are incorporated with rear brakes. Just like any sport, speed skating is risky and one must have protective equipment. They include: helmets, face masks and goggles for eye protection, knee pads, shin pads, cut-resistant gloves, neck guard and elbow pads. It is also important to consider the type of clothing. Novice skaters are advised to wear warm and stretchy clothes. Track suits are recommended for those in the beginning/ development phase. However, long sleeves are mandatory at all stages. The equipment ensures that the skaters have a memorable and surreal skating experience.

Speed skating offers a variety of competitions. You have the liberty of participating in all of them; provided you have the passion and endurance of doing so. However, one should remember that you can’t be a jack of all trades and a master to none. Some of these competitions include: time trials, sprints, elimination races, points races, points-elimination races, relays, criterium races, distance races, marathons and ultra-marathons.

Skating time commences at 9.00am to 5.00pm on weekdays and 8.00am to 5.00 pm on weekends. On the weekdays, skaters converge at the pavilion to practice and on weekends they capitalize the Academic Highway along the Administration Block. Despite being a risk prone place, they (skaters) have the permission to practice around the Administration Block on weekends. Some of them have also ventured around the ICDC compound in an effort to satisfy their daring antics.

And finally, thanks to the skating exposure, avid student skaters have the opportunity of emulating inline pros like Chad Hedrick and Daniel Jansen. They also have the chance to showcase their talents and prowess in some of the national tournaments.  Speed skating captain, Mr. Nicholas “Nico” Kirui revealed that there are plans to host a skating tournament in Moi University Main Campus.

The Academic Rush-Hour ~ By THEURI Nahashown

In the recent days, the environment of Moi University has changed in terms of academics. The scholars now seem to be very busy; definitely this is because of the exams that are around the corner.

The greetings that have been adopted are Obama style, I mean that waving each other and without wasting time by engaging into stories. The ‘beautiful’ MTL that does not become boring with her stocks of books not being touched every now and then. The clients are now many as it can be seen  from where the direction of academicians flow. The SR’s and LT’s also get a share of warmth especially when MTL closes her doors as students scotch their books and handouts for their revision.

The School of Engineering first year students have just joint us at the right time when the semester is at its peak. Their lecturers did not spare them but to pump their heads with knowledge as other Kenyans without giving them sometime ‘to breath’ the university air and feeling the warm welcome of Karibu Umefika. Our lastborns, never mind this is campus life.


Few Sockets as Comrades Flock MTL ~ By OSOMBAH W. Steve

It’s that time of the semester that Margret Thatcher Library receives the highest number of users. Library staff have now been given a run for their money who otherwise have been relaxing during the early parts of the semester since they didn’t have customers to attend to. Yes, its exam time and everybody is making a frantic effort to update their brain memory lest you see black and yellow in the exams. It is during this time that all the 2500 seats in the library are occupied. It is also the only time that you will find comrades waiting for the library to be opened way before 9am.

While most of the comrades are preparing for the end of semester exams others are busy carrying out research for their academic term papers and work based assignments. Internet is one of the most important sources of information when writing academic term papers and I must commend the library administration for installing wireless internet connection in MTL. It has made the life of comrades much easier as far as undertaking assignments is concerned. However, there is a small problem: the number of comrades has surpassed the number of sockets available in the library. The fact that the wireless network is only available in ground floor (and not in first & second floors) has further perpetuated the situation since all users are expected to access internet in ground floor.  So, the number of sockets in ground floor is not directly proportional to the number of comrades, who would like to access the internet. Consequently, comrades have been compelled to leave library when their laptop charge runs out. This has inconvenienced those who have been forced to run back to their rooms to charge their laptops then back to continue. In addition to that, there are these selfish crops who don’t want to share the few sockets available despite the fact that his/her laptop is fully charged. Shame on you if you are one of these folks!

It’s my supplication that the library administration should consider securing some power extensions so as to avail more sockets to power up our machines and let comrades continue with our research inter alia without any interruption whatsoever. Furthermore, perhaps the library should expand the wireless network to reach our halls of residence. They forgot about those who have Desktop computers and would also like to access the internet but they can’t carry their desktop machines to the library. Meanwhile as the library figures out a solution, let’s learn to share: let’s share the few sockets available. Selfish people have never been successful in life. Otherwise, success in your forthcoming exams.



An allegory of sorts ~ by KHISA Pius

Love is an allegory of sorts; it controls reality, brings down great men and women, turns into clever the fools and turns clever the fools into clever. It makes the world go round and sky rumble when the lovers break up. It makes your friend gasp and sweat profusely when he or she sees you kissing and caressing your honey. Furthermore it is love that makes best friends to fight, compete and even assassinate each other’s characters in order to win that lovely queen.

But do you comrades love anyway? The doctors and the philosophers of love hold that it is a religion which needs to be devoted with utmost seriousness. They say that its subscribers need to live and exist peacefully according to the covenant of the beloved. This implies that anybody in love should never sin by cheating; making false promises double dealing, eying a friend’s lover among others. Adhering to these rules will bring the happiness and the joy home. This will lay a foundation for the development both spiritually, economically, morally and academically. This is because no comrade will waste his or her precious time thinking and mourning over his or her misfortunes, nagging and unfaithful lover.

Loving is difficult and is ever worst episode in a person’s life. Furthermore it is the most important part of life a true man argues to have well lived. This is why you see the comrades running around, flossing, rivalry and even go down to their knees crying and begging; only for a place in the ladies heart. It is sometimes impressive when these guys declare themselves to ‘chicks’. As a routine: after knowing a lotus-blonde chick, a guy will say, “you are pretty,” and “I love you”.  These three word sentences are uttered all night and day long to capture the attention and the feeling of the beautiful ladies. It is sad noting that all the mouths that say these words do not mean them.  So be careful to avoid disasters.

When you fall in love, let it be and not infatuation. Make haste to be kind and take it to the next level where roses are the orders of the day. This will make every day happy to live and spare you the agony of mistrust and the heartbreak.

The Legacy ~ by KHISA Pius

Legacy thy lifeline

Legacy thy mountain

Extremely explicit and liberal

Thy burning candle

In all variable winds

Oh, what a prominence of minds!


Strong in the sunlight

Above all it stands

Ever Interactive and Informative and right

Thy ruler of lands

Thou humble

Its voice makes the campus ramble


An icon of supremacy

Great thy legacy

The spring of information

Ready to teach and warn

And it is high

Just like the sky