The Exam Phobia ~ By MUKAMI Jedidah Mwebia

WHAT must be done must be done. Yeah you know what I’m talking about, the exams. Extraction of extra amount of my strengths at least that is what the escapist student is saying or extraction for extra amount of my success. That is the realistic student speaking .The competition between the two feels like the Hague sessions. The realist is more of the prosecutor while the escapist is more of the suspect.

P: You, Non serious student.REG NO. MUTUTHO 001/11.You have been accused of time wastage in your drinking sprees which in turn lead to your missing classes including C.A.T.S. due to hangovers. Do you plead guilty or innocent?
D: Your Honour. I plead innocent I agree that I have spent an ample time of this semester in the course MUTUTHO 101 TUIKUNYWE WOTE KWANZA .Your Honour I had every reason to do so. I had missing marks in several courses and therefore I could not continue with other courses without these marks.
P: Next question .It has come to honour attention that you think the exams are due too early. Is that true?
D: Yes your Honour. You see there are a couple of courses that the lectures have not showed up.
P: Can you name these courses
D: Your Honour eeeeh
P:Be careful with what you say ,what you say can be used against you
D:Yes your Honour .I don’t remember these courses
P: I thought so
D:But your Honour,there are a couple of courses which we are not done with the syllabus. How do we do the exams without notes.
P: I am inclined to think that you are trying to push away the exams.It has come to my attention after serious investigation that you have not been attending classes and have no notes even those that have already been delivered. You have no case.

J:Order!Order!It is evident that the defendant has no case.The days of the exams remain as they are.Case closed.
With the exams due the kusota syndrome and all, watch out least on someones toe and find yourself at the securities office.
How do you deal with exam phobia? Read in advance. The earlier you accept that exams are finally here the better for you and those around. Success in your revision and forthcoming exams.
The exam phobia is gripping me
With the exam timetable out I feel like turning back the hands of time. All of a sudden I feel like the course I have been taking for 2 years is not the one for me. Its not what I’m destined for, not in my blood stream; it does not look like me or even sound like me.
How can they release the exam timetable when one of my lectures has not showed up? How will I do a paper without notes? If this was The Hague, Ocampo and his team would have taken me down, after an investigation that would reveal that even those courses that the lectures fully attend alas are not attended fully and neither do I have notes for the courses. In fact there is one that I do not know the lecturer.
Then the missing marks. I’m still looking for some missing marks. I don’t know my fate why should I bother to take another set of exams while I cannot graduate without this paper.» is that the protesting demon ?please tell me I’m just speaking my mind.

The write is a 2nd year – BA French


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