Best Friends of the Opposite Sex ~ By SEDA Reakey

YOU have been hearing about them (particularly about this one person that your partner regards highly) and can’t wait to meet them too. Then you find out it is their best friend and is a member of the opposite sex. The first thing you experience is insecurity brought about by doubt. This comes after a few comments made by your partner about sentiments that were made by this so-called best friend.
These sentiments are usually not positive given the circumstances. It usually begins with a snide remark of whether you really are the right person for the ‘job’ down to your different tastes in clothing-as if that should matter.
These so-called ‘best-friends’ should never be taken for granted and once you get into a relationship you should immediately try and establish their role. If it’s threatening, do not shrug the issue off, just try and solve it there and then. Don’t make a mistake and start giving harsh ultimatums, just make it very firm where your boundaries are on certain matters.
Remember that you can never fully control what your partner chooses friends, but you can influence it. Don’t take everything said personally. These “best friends” may just be trying to look out for your partners interests and it may come out the wrong way. They are humans after all. Avoid intimidating them as this may just make them feel weary of you.
What if all of these suggestions don’t work? Well you better hope that something happens and he or she gets jailed for life….well, not really. I think life at times just throws challenges at us to see how strong we are. If it’s not that bad, don’t make a mountain out of it, instead try and live it down. When you think of it really, you are the winner here. You managed to make your partner choose you over them so always keep your head up.
The writer is a 3rd Year; Graphics Communication and Advertising


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