Let’s Name Our Streets By Repher MUKONZO

It is the highway that comes straight from the stage moving down the pavement towards the administration. This highway is only followed by those with fee complains, clearance complications and receipt whatever! The mood portrayed by the users of this highway is never welcoming. It becomes busy at the beginning of the semester and grows busier during the exam card issuing era.
This is a path that links the stage to its environ mostly utilized by the lucky stage habitants. It is called romantic because the users are always in a romantic mood. This is especially after the rains. The crescent becomes slippery to an extent of the users being offered a helping hand from the instant “lovers”.
This is a path that links hostel L the male’s wing to the ladies’ wing. Its occupied by the L residents who happened to miss their flights to other hostels. Therefore, their neighbors, with this kind of weather, surely should be able to save the situation.
This is a highway that links hostel G, touches parts of hostel F, to hostel E. It’s a no go zone because the residents of hostel E are no go people. Not that the ladies don’t deserve the goings or rather the attention, but the goings are assumed to have been enough. Their maturity and diligence cum seriousness puts off the “boys” from hostel D and C.

This is a highway to all. It links almost all the Soweto hostels to the prominent hostel J. perhaps it could have been called utumishi kwa wote, but no, “all are welcome “could have served right. The highway limits no user as anyone can enter and get out of J anytime anyhow. It discriminates no one and restricts no soul.

The path picks up right from hostel L towards the technology zone. No noise, no jokes, only serious work. The users either own a pen, a book or a T- squire. They either sing the hymn songs on their way or recite the Mututho law.

Could have been a complain zone but it looks more of a distance menace. Users who take fries funga for supper will always ask themselves as to whether they will reach their hostels if their meal is still considered as supper.

Links the student centre to hostel H. the highway discriminates no one. Whether you are away from stage hakuna shida, nyote mwakaribishwa.

The famous of all, links the romantic crescent to the fracas dala. The users own a bottle, dance to unknown music, sing unpredictable tune and will tend to see fracas as their legitimate home. They spend there on imaginary beds, go to their unseen toilets and remember class on Monday at around 8.30.
The writer a 2nd year LMC student


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