Hard loving by KHISA Pius

My dear love
It’s within great pain
Struggling to survive
So lonely so empty n plain
In yer absence
And by tormenting existence

You’ve delayed
To utter even a word
And I have become restless
For I spent nights sleepless
Oh my dying!
Of this ugly thing

I’ve waited for long
On thy worlds largest queue
To be with you darling
And I have no glue
Of when I’ll get you last
To heal my ailing heart

I have lost my health
And am growing weak
Though isn’t worth
To fall sick as I seek
Yer precious love
And yer hospitality dove

I’ve fought hard
To endure bitterness
And am running mad
From thy cold ‘n’ loneliness
For my little soul
Is in bloody hell

Sitting barefoot on thy bed
On cold lonely nights
Thy ugly dark shadows
Stares at me mockingly
As if am a public disgrace
And am dead and tired

I want you dear
Back in my desperate life
To bring me no fear
And be no deaf
To my pleas in this crazy world


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