Behaviour Modification by NYAMAI Nick

AS we walk through the journey of life we are met by vast experiences that define our existence in a wide scope. These dimensions accustom us to our unique lifestyles, and finally we feel relieved within our comfort zones. Relationships are made and broken but what defines the duration is our behaviour modification
Picture this; you are walking along the Academic Highway towards Margaret Thatcher Library and spot a lady who meets your taste and preference. She is a medium size, walks meticulously with her head held high (a sign of buoyancy) her beauty is accompanied by a warm smile. Her teeth nicely fitted in her mouth and booty lining up proportionately with the body. With a taste of clad, she has her natural hair- well gloomed and you can’t avoid fixing your eyes on her, she needs no make up to be cuter.
As she enters the library, you wait for her to book a seat and decide to sit next to her hoping to strike a conversation. Luckily enough in your admiration, you realize she is a year behind taking the same course as yours and hassling to do a take away CAT, you gather confidence and ask her if she needs any help. Though reluctant she finally accepts your offer.
You have mastered the scholarly language and she wonders how brave you are. She thanks you, laughs in a friendly way, looks you deep into the eyes and explains how the task has given her sleepless nights and in fact lets you know the assignment is supposed to be collected the same day in the afternoon, she calls you brave, genius, intellect… Eager to know her name and gladly she gives you her two names, you appreciate by even inviting her to your club meeting as you exchange contacts.
In your first meeting you realize you share the same goals. She is single young and elegant, gorgeous and you are also looking hard for a Miss Perfect to rock your world and make you contented, and as you exchange life experiences you grasp the essence that your friendship could not have come at a better time for she is an angel sent from above. As time goes by, you become lovebirds; share dreams, fly high and wish for your most awaited day- to walk down the aisle, not even the horizon can create for you boundaries.
In a short while differences emerge, you realize that the two of you were actually working on a phantom world – you don’t even match, you can’t see the beauty you saw during your first encounters, you can’t see his brave heart, you argue every single decision either of you makes and you disregard their every move, you chastises each other. You are jealous over whom they communicate with, and finally you break up.
It is called the disappearing acts. If you know anything about behaviour modification, then you know that some people actually are masters at this stage, they are good at perfection they modify their characters and become the Mr/Miss Your Taste, it takes them a few days while you are still dating to learn your likes, dislikes your swag and easily plays the game on your side, you can’t avoid liking their single moves and yes they mean the world to you.
As humans we fall short to notice the inward beauty; we are so blinded we actually see with our eyes wide shut. The issue at hand is that you admired the outside beauty; you never took your time to know her inward personality. Many young folks are affected with beauty of the outside; the inward beauty which is someone’s personality, attitude, and conduct, to them is just a figment.

The writer is a 3rd year LMC Student


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