‘Sup’ Nightmare BY ORINA Olivier

APART from Peter Mashoka’s fright, this is the latest ghost haunting to most of the students from various schools in the university grounds.
One of the second year engineering student confessed that he was going to attend no classes till he knew how many bowls of sups he had been served with. The same sentiments were repeated by other students from the Faculty of Arts of which rumors was that the exams were mixed up, meaning that there is a possibility that you can get results that are not yours. This isn’t hearsay because it already happened in the School of Education where one student had not sat for any CAT but scored an overwhelming 86% giving rise to questions. The main exam is out of 70; so assuming that he scooped the maximum, which is almost unattainable, where did the extra 16 marks come from?
Then there is Peter (not real name) who garnered an average of 26 marks in his CATs but ended up in the sup list; it beats logic. We also have students having results for which courses they never took.
Anticipation and anxiety still built up in the students minds who have not yet got their results for they have been accustomed to making daily confirmations at their respective schools; and the wait is still on.
It’s high time the academics director broke his silence on this very thorny issue.


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